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Sonar File Manager

The Sonar File Manager window is opened by clicking the File Manager icon on the Post Processing Menu. The Sonar File Manager provides access to commands that apply to Sidescan and Sub-bottom Sonar data sets. Note that many of the functions found on the Sonar File Manager are also available in the Project Explorer.
Sonar File Manager

Project Information

1. Project Information
The project information section provides a summary of the project, including the project name, the number of data sets loaded, and the geographic extent of the project data.

Sonar File List

2. Sonar File List
The Sonar File List lists the sidescan and sub-bottom files in the project and allows for some file properties to be changed. Each sonar file in the project is listed on a separate row within the Sonar file section.
Displays the current drawing order of the file with the highest number being the file on top.
Toggles the display of the sonar file in Map View (Checked = displayed)
Data type (SSS = Sidescan, SBP = sub-bottom)
Displays the subgroup the file is in, if any.
File Name
Displays the full path and file name of the sonar file.
Size of the (CSF) sonar file in KB.
Toggles Automatic Gain Control for the sonar file (Checked = enabled). See Automatic Gain Control for more information.
Toggles User Gain Control for the sonar file (Checked = enabled). See User Gain Control for more information.
Toggle Beam Angle correction for the sonar file (Checked = enabled). See Beam Angle Correction for more information.
Lists which channel (Port/Starboard/Both) of the sonar file is actively displayed and
also allows the user to change the channel(s).
Map Corrected
Indicates if map corrections are being applied to the navigation of this file. See Map Corrections for more information.
LBK Algorithm
Select one of the two possible layback algorithms is applied to the Sonar File. See Layback Algorithms for more information.
Select the layback percentage applied to the file.

Batch Processing Tools

3. Batch Processing Tools
This section provides tools that will perform the same function on any number of project sonar files.
Sheave Offset...
Allows for batch offsetting the towpoint (sheave) position in post-processing layback
calculations. (See Sheave Offset Window)
Batch Image Export...
The entire waterfall of a sonar file may be captured and exported to a single image
file using this function. (See Batch Image Export window)
Batch Bottom Track...
Apply bottom tracking to all selected files. (See Batch Bottom Track window)
Make Like Selected...
Apply settings from a reference file to all selected files. (See Apply Settings to Selected Files window)

Command Tools

4. Command Tools
The Sonar File Manager provides access to tools that can be applied to sidescan and sub-bottom sonar files. Note that some tools require one or more files to be selected in the file list before the button becomes active.
Add Files(s)...
Add an existing CSF file to the Project. See Add CSF Files for more information.
Delete Files(s)
Remove CSF files from the project. See Remove CSF Files for more information.
Rescan Limits
Recompute the map extent of the project files.  See Rescan Limits for more information.
Select All
Select all files in the File Manager
Activate the Aggregate command on the selected files.
Bottom Track...
Open the Bottom Track window on the selected file
Digitizer View
Open the Digitizing Window on the selected file
Open the Navigation Editor (Z-Edit) on the selected file
Activate the Properties (Sidescan File) command for the select file
Gain Settings...
Open the gain settings window for the selected file
Runs a Project Summary Report on the selected files
Runs a Survey Coverage Report on the selected files
Set Cable Out...
Set the cable out value on the selected files
Offset Cable Out...
Offset the cable out value on the selected files
Set Sensor Depth...
Set Sensor depth on the selected files
Offset Sensor Depth...
Offset sensor depth on the selected files
Set Antenna Ht...
Set Antenna Height on the selected files
Import Bottom Track
Imports the bottom track  from a previously determined tracking iteration
Set Draw Order
Activate the Order command to change the drawing order