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Screen Anatomy

The SonarWiz screen consists of a main window, menus, toolbars, and docking areas for optional windows. The main window, known as the Map Window, is used for the display of georeferenced data. Basemap images and survey lines may be added to the map display to provide visual reference. Digitized features and targets can also be displayed on this map.
Screen Anatomy

Main Display

The main display window provides an interactive 2D map view of all of the sonar data loaded into the project along with any basemaps, features, contacts and map decorations selected for display.

Quick Access Toolbar

2. Quick Access Toolbar
The quick access toolbar provides functions to create new projects, load existing projects and save the current project. It also provides access to the project settings and the program settings.   Clicking the large SonarWiz icon reveals a larger version of the menu with text descriptions of the icons, it also displays a list of the recently opened projects. See Quick Access Toolbar for more information.

Command Ribbon

3. Command Ribbon
The Command Ribbon is a collection of useful buttons and controls divided into 7 pages or tabs. The tabs are organized by the task you are performing such as Data Acquisition or Post Processing. Most of the functionality of SonarWiz can be accessed directly from the command ribbon. Note that some tabs may not be present if you do not have the required license for those commands.

Mapping Toolbar

4. Mapping Toolbar
The Mapping Toolbar provides basic controls for manipulating the Map Display including pan and zoom functions, selection tools and controls for plotting contacts and features on the map.

Project Explorer

5. Project Explorer
The Project Explorer lists every object loaded into a SonarWiz project and groups them according to object type. You can enable or disable objects here, and by right-clicking objects, access the object-specific context menus that provide actions that you can perform on these objects.

Properties Window

6. Properties Window
When an object is selected in the Project Explorer, the Properties Window displays detailed information about the selected object. Many properties such as the color pallet of an object can be manipulated directly in the dialog.

Connection Status Area

7. Connection Status Area
The connection status area of the Status Bar indicates the up or down status of real-time navigation and sonar connections. It also provides a direct link to the CTI Support site and a refresh command to redraw the screen

Output Message Log

8. Output Message Log
The Output Message Log window displays ongoing status information generated by SonarWiz as it runs. The complete log can be opened from the Tools Menu.

Cursor Information

9. Cursor Information
The Cursor Information section of the Status Bar indicates the geographic location of the cursor in the map window, the same location in projected coordinates and when over a bathymetry surface, the value of the surface.

Color Window

10. Color Window
The Color Window controls the color palette display for global data types such as sidescan, bathymetry and sub-bottom displays.