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Project Explorer

The Project Explorer is a dockable window that lists all of the objects loaded into or generated within a SonarWiz project. The project explorer is the primary way users select and interact with their data in SonarWiz. Like all windows in SonarWiz, the Project Explorer can be docked and moved around the user interface as described in (See Docking Windows). By default, the Project Explorer is docked and visible on the left side of the main SonarWiz screen.
To make the Project Explorer window visible:
The Project Explorer presents all project data in a hierarchical tree. Each data type is sorted into its appropriate branch of the tree. Branches of the tree can be collapsed or expanded by clicking the small  or  icons, respectively. The total number of files beneath each branch is indicated in parenthesis.

Enabling and Disabling Objects

The Project Explorer indicates that an object is enabled by showing a check mark icon  next to its name in the tree. Most commands and operations in SonarWiz will only apply to enabled objects. If you wish to disable an object, left-click the  icon until it shows an empty box .
You can enable or disable an entire branch of the Project Explorer tree by clicking  next to the group name until it shows a blank box. A special filled box icon  is used to indicate a mixture of selected and unselected files.

Selecting Objects

In order to perform an action on an object you must first select it. Left click an object in the Project Explorer to select it. The object name will be highlighted in the Project Explorer and the object will be selected in the Main Map window as well. Likewise, if you select an object in the Map Window, it will be selected in the Project Explorer. These operations are interchangeable.
You can select multiple objects in the Project Explorer in two ways:
1.     Hold down the SHIFT key and left-click on two files in the Project Explorer. SonarWiz will select all of the files between the two clicked files.
2.     Hold down the CTRL key and left-click on each file you want to select. SonarWiz will add each file you click to the selected set.

Performing Actions on Selected Objects

The Project Explorer allows you to perform almost every command available in the program. To see a list of actions available for a selected object, right-click the selected object or objects to open the Context Menu for that object.
When you open the context menu (right-click menu) for a single selected object in the Project Explorer, this is equivalent to opening the context menu on a selected object in the Map View. The commands that are shown act on only the selected file.
If instead, you want to perform actions that to all files of the same type, open the context menu for the group of files by right-clicking on the branch name in the Project Explorer.
Note: Many of the functions found in the Sonar File Manager (F11 Dialog) and other Manager dialogs throughout the program can now also be found in the Group-Level context menus.