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The Hide command disables an object loaded into SonarWiz so that it is no longer visible in the project. Hidden objects will not be processed, visualized or exported by most commands and will not be included in the global color histograms. Hiding an object is the same as disabling (unchecking) an object in the Project Explorer.
NOTE: Hidden objects are not removed from the project. To re-enable a hidden object, simply toggle the check mark next to the object name in the Project Explorer.
To Hide (Disable) an object in a SonarWiz project select Hide from the object context menu or Toggle the check box to the left of the object name:

Hidden (Disabled) Object

1. Hidden (Disabled) Object
The empty check box indicates that this object is Hidden (disabled).

Visible (Enabled) Object

2. Visible (Enabled) Object
The check in the box indicates that this object is visible (enabled)