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Context Menus

The Project Explorer lists every object in a SonarWiz project and consequently, most of the functionality of the program can be accessed through the available Context Menus. The Context Menu Commands in the Project Explorer are divided into five groups:
Context Menus

Project Level Commands

1. Project Level Commands
The Project Level Context Menu provides commands that apply to SonarWiz projects.

Branch Level Commands

2. Branch Level Commands
Branch Level Context Menus provide commands that are specific to the selected data type. The commands found at the branch level include the opening of type-speciific displays, batch processing commands and other settings that directly affect the selected data type. Including the creation of Sub-Groups which can be used to organize large groups of related data sets.

SubGroup Commands

3. SubGroup Commands
SubGroup Level context menus contain commands related to the subgroup itself or the collection of datasets added to the subgroup.

Multiple Object Commands

4. Multiple Object Commands
Multiple Selected Object Context menus open when Right-clicking on a selection of multiple objects of the same type. The commands presented will apply to all of the selected files.

Single Object Commands

5. Single Object Commands
Single Object Context Menus open when Right-clicking on a single object. The commands presented will apply only to the selected object.