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SonarWiz 7.8
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Bathymetry File Properties Report

The Properties... command opens the Bathymetry Properties Report window. The Properties Report window provides a detailed report on all of status and settings currently applied to a merged bathymetry file.
To open the Bathymetry FIle Properties Report window:
1. Select Properties... from the Bathymetry File Context menu in the Project Explorer.
A detailed description of the Properties Report follows:
Bathymetry File Properties Report

Bathymetry Data set

1. Bathymetry Data set
Lists the bathymetry data set for which the report was run.

Data Packet Section

2. Data Packet Section
The Data Packet Section is similar to the Status Report. For each of the required record types (Sonar, Position, Attitude, and Pressure) this section lists the first record observed, the last record observed, the duration of the records, the sample rate (how often the particular record type was observed) and in the Details section, a range of values observed.

Sounding Statistics Section

3. Sounding Statistics Section
The Sounding Statistics section of the report describes statistics about the actual soundings that were processed. These values may differ from the Sonar Records section due to time stamp overlap issues and merge settings.

Vessel and Sensor Configuration

4. Vessel and Sensor Configuration
The vessel and Sensor Configuration section lists the current vessel name and all of the configured sensors on that vessel along with the offsets that were used. The offsets are always listed in the following order: X, Y, Z, roll, pitch, heading (just like in the Vessel Editor)

Merge Settings Section

5. Merge Settings Section
The Merge Settings Section indicates which merge settings were used to compute the soundings in this data set.