SonarWiz 7.3.1 Release Notes
  • 1 Release 7.03.001 Changes

1 Release 7.03.001 Changes

Release 7.03.01 is a major quarterly enhancements release for SonarWiz. It includes many new features, as well as staff and customer issue fixes, all described below.
This release continues support for the new SonarWiz GUI and workflow, with high-resolution sidescan, sub-bottom, single-beam and bathymetry data supported, along with magnetometry post-processing. Stream-lined sidescan and sub-bottom import process now uses 32-bit high-precision floating point data for both data types, making import easier. Individual per-file gain controls are now applied if needed, during post-processing after import. The COLOR WINDOW and adjustment histogram has become the important replacement GUI tool for the older brightness/hue/contrast controls, and it integrates all the older controls into one new tool. Enjoy the new PROPERTIES views of selected data items now, presenting heads-up data available in view, which used to require opening subordinate dialogs. The new integrated 3D viewer gives you the option of seeing 2D / 3D views of the same data set in the same GUI.
This document specifically calls out the differences between 7.03.01 and the immediately preceding full-install release of SonarWiz 7.  Fixes and enhancements are called out separately, with enhancements highlighted in YELLOW):