What's New in SonarWiz 7.1
  • Bathymetry Automatic Configuration

Bathymetry Automatic Configuration

SonarWiz 7.1 has simplified the import process to reduce the number of steps the user needs to perform to visualize their data. This is accomplished through four important changes to the program: (1) Automatic Packet Selection, (2) Automatic Vessel Configuration, (3) Tide and Sound Velocity Profile Extraction and (4) Automatic Merge on Import.

Automatic Packet Selection

In previous versions of SonarWiz, it was often necessary to know what data packets your aquisition software had stored in the file before SonarWiz could properly extract the navigation, attitude and bathymetric data. In SonarWiz 7.1, we've added logic to each of the file import readers to pre-scan the file and make an educated guess at the appropriate datagrams. In most cases, the data will import properly without any user-interaction.
For each of the bathymetric readers, you will see a new option in the File Type Specific Options called Auto wherever it used to be necessary to make a choice. When Auto is activated, the program will control which packet to use. Of course, it is still possible to override the automatic selection by picking the appropriate packet manually.

Automatic Vessel Configuration

Another major convienience feature of SonarWiz 7.1 is Automatic Vessel Configuration. In previous versions of SonarWiz, you needed to configure a vessel defintion before you could begin importing bathymetry data sets. In 7.1, the file importer will automatically create a vessel definition if necessary.
The vessel definition assigned to each file is indicated in the Bathymetry Files property list:
When you open the Vessel Editor to this definition file you can see that the program has automatically added the sonar model, a motion sensor and a navigation sensor, along with any lever arm offsets that were stored in the file. A note in the vessel description will indicate from which file the vessel was extracted from.
SonarWiz will only add new vessels if the sensor configuration of the new file is not found on an existing vessel definition file in the project.

Tide and Sound Velocity Profile Extraction

Some bathymetry file formats store auxiliary information such as tide water levels and sound velocity profile information. In SonarWiz 7.1, these data will automatically be extracted, converted to SonarWiz format and added to the project.

SonarWiz will attempt to consolidate tide information from multiple files into a single tide file per day, and if the same sound velocity profile was embedded in multiple files, the program will attempt to prevent adding redundant profiles to the project.

Automatic Merge

Taken together, Automatic Packet Selection, Automatic Vessel Configuration and Tide and Sound Velocity Profile extraction make it possible to process a dataset immediately after importing the file with little or no user interaction. This becomes especially useful during Bathymetry Drag-and-Drop operations. The option to immediately execute the Merge process after importing bathymetry files becomes much more useful. You can enable Automatic Merge in the Program Options | Bathymetry Settings menu.