Chesapeake Technology, Inc. is pleased to offer the following webinar training videos for the SonarWiz product line. Scroll down to browse the available webinars or click the button to see all our videos on YouTube.

This one hour webinar helps new and existing users understand the new features in both SonarWiz 6 and 7, as well as the new improvements in SonarWiz 7 and migration issues.

This February 2011 webinar was recorded at the University of New Hampshire and explains the high-level view of the most commonly-used features of the SonarWiz 5 GUI.

This June 2011 webinar explains SonarWiz 5 sub-bottom post-processing in depth.

This September 2011 webinar explains the new seabed classification feature of SonarWiz 5.

This May 2012 webinar explains use of the NavInjectorPro utility for correcting / injecting navigation and other data into CSF, JSF, SDF, SEG, and XTF files.

This March 2015 webinar explains SonarWiz 5 sub-bottom post-processing in depth in the newest version of SonarWiz 5.

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