Chesapeake Technology, Inc. is pleased to offer the following training videos for the SonarWiz 6 product line. Click on a section of videos that you would like to jump to, or scroll down to browse the available videos.


This video tutorial helps new and existing users understand the options available when creating a project in SonarWiz 6.

This video explains the basics of importing and post-processing sidescan sonar files.

A walk-through of the files created by a project in SonarWiz 6.

This video describes a feature in SonarWiz 6 for constructing a survey line set around an existing contact location.

A video covering bottom tracking of sidescan sonar data in SonarWiz 6. Learn how to get the best results from your sonar data.

A short video on where to look for help along with how to upload files to send to CTI.


New features include backscatter for bathymetry data and an advanced suite of gridding options for polishing good data and rescuing data collected under less-than-perfect conditions with strong support for interferometers, AUVs, and other swath systems. The updates aren’t only centered around bathymetry, we’re also adding hardware configuration for all data types (including sidescan) via the Vessel Editor for more precise processing.

Learn how to adjust layback so your data is accurately viewed in SonarWiz.

A demo video of the SonarWiz 6 bathymetry SV editor template creation and file import, then a similar view of Tide editor template creation and file import.

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