Chesapeake Technology, Inc. is pleased to offer the following training videos for the SonarWiz 5 product line. Click on a section of videos that you would like to jump to, or scroll down to browse the available videos.


    • Create a Project
    • Import Sidescan Sonar Data
    • Browse Coordinate System
    • Build a Line Set
    • Digitize Acoustic Reflectors


    • Create a Web Report
    • Map Corrections Tool
    • Apply EGN
    • Profile Sampling
    • Adjusting Layback
    • Digitize a Freespan Object
    • Import Hypack HSX Data
    • Override Sound Velocity of HSX
    • Processing Edgetech 6205


This video tutorial helps new and existing users understand the options available when creating a project in SonarWiz 5.

This video explains the basics of importing and post-processing sidescan sonar files.

This video describes a recently added feature of the SonarWiz 5 CTIGeodesyTool: the ability to group and set frequently used coordinate systems into a simplified view for easier use.

This video describes a recent feature added to SonarWiz 5 for constructing a survey line set around an existing contact location.

This video describes a common sub-bottom post-processing step in SonarWiz 5: digitizing an acoustic reflector.



This video walks through making a Web Report in your SonarWiz 5 project.

This video tutorial helps new and existing users understand the SonarWiz Map Correction.

This video walks through on how to apply EGN in your SonarWiz 5 project.

Learn how to use the Profile Sampling Tool in 3D view for analyzing your bathymetric and sidescan data.

This video explains in detail how to account for layback when post-processing sonar data.

A brief video on how to digitize a freespan object in your SonarWiz 5 project.

A video showing how to use the SonarWiz 5 auto-contrast feature to enhance the imagery presented from your HSX-type file.

A video showing how to override the sound velocity value stored in each header of your HSX-type file.

Introductory how-to process Edgetech 6205 sidescan and swath bathymetry using Chesapeake Technology’s SonarWiz software.

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