Updating Support and Documentation to the 21st Century

Chesapeake Times, Vol 7 | October 2021

Some of our legacy users can remember 20+ years ago when contacting the support team for then “SonarWeb” (the long-ago predecessor of SonarWiz) was simply giving John Gann a ring on his personal number. Over the past few years our goal has been to update our support systems so that our customers can have access to fast and knowledgeable assistance on not just SonarWiz but the industry as a whole. 

After moving our online support desk over to JIRA in 2018, we have now begun to move our Knowledge Base of documentation over to its linked system Confluence. You can find a link on our website here:

The front page of the help desk breaks down the articles into 5 sections: 

Quick Start: for new users; offer a basic step-by-step guide to each of the post processing modules in SonarWiz. 

How-To: how to perform specific outputs or actions in SonarWiz like creating coordinate systems or loading S-57 charts. 

Troubleshooting: how to resolve common issues that our customers see in SonarWiz 

Technical Notes: information about system requirements, supported interfaces and other technical documentation about SonarWiz.

Change Log: our release notes for each version of SonarWiz. 

Our goal is to have a complete library of guides and articles as a resource for our customers. Our SonarWiz User Guide (which comes downloaded with SonarWiz) can still be used as a resource for what a function or button does in SonarWiz, but the Support Desk will contain more step-by-step guides. 

With our Knowledge Base being linked to our Support Desk, you should start to see recommended articles appear when writing into our support team. Although we try to get back with you as soon as possible, sometimes the answer to your question or error message is just a few clicks away!

If you are writing into our JIRA support desk when our team is out of the office (17:00 PDT to 8:30 EST) we recommend using the search function to make sure none of the key words indicate an article that might be helpful.

You, our customers, are the reason SonarWiz is still leading the way in the Marine Surveying industry after 20 years. As the industry evolves, we will strive to find systems to meet your needs. Please continue to reach out and let us know how we can improve our customer experience. 

– Patrick Zynda, Support Engineer