Updating the Coverage Mapping Options in SonarWiz

Chesapeake Times, Vol 11 | Oct 2022

In older versions of SonarWiz, the Coverage Report was used to create an image file of the percentages of coverage for a sidescan survey. The tool also could include data being removed from the far range or nadir data and would result in all the coverage statistics needed. Unfortunately, as surveys are getting larger the code and method in which this report is using got slower and slower to the point where we had a large outreach of customer complaints.

This old report was pulled out of the program as it did more than its primary purpose for most of our clients which is a quick method to create a georeferenced image file that maps the percentages of coverage in the survey. Instead of a .GRD, .PNG, and all of the statistic the new Coverage Report will open an identical dialog to the Export Project as Geoimage…

The user can now configure a simple .TIF or other georeferenced image format using the same settings used to create a mosaic with the plus side that the image creation engine is much quicker than the internal gridder.

Once complete the report will create the desired .TIF file and drop it in your SonarWiz project. Along with the image is a simple CSV report with the sonar coverage at 100%, 200% and >300% for each image tile exported.

Our tests showed a substantial increase in speed creating these new reports versus the older versions of SonarWiz. In addition to the report, we also added a Coverage drawing mode for the plan view which allows users to quickly identify missing coverage.

We pride ourselves on the many tools inside of SonarWiz that have been designed over the years but as survey specifications and systems require and record higher density data in larger quantities, we will continue to update them to meet the needs of our customers.