Tools, Tools, and more Tools

Chesapeake Times, Vol 13 | April 2023

Often I am reminded that SonarWiz is not just a single simple software application.  It is a large collection of useful tools for manipulating sonar and other types of data.   It features many common tools used for processing sonar data so it can be further analyzed and finally reformatted and saved to a large number of formats.  SonarWiz has tools for processing navigation data, side scan sonar data, sub-bottom sonar data, single and multi-beam bathymetric data, LIDAR data, magnetometer data, etc..  In addition to all of the tools available for processing the various data types in SonarWiz, it also has a tab on the ribbon bar devoted to manufacturer file specific tools.   The wide variety of tools are usually used in combination to effectively give SonarWiz new functions without adding new code.

In SonarWiz V7.11.00 we have added a new tool called the Copy Project tool.   The Copy Project tool can be found on the Ribbon Bar→Tools→CSF→Copy Project.  Like many of our tools, this one was added at the request of a customer.  And also like many of our tools, it is useful beyond its original specifications.  Originally the Copy Project tool was specified to just duplicate a project under a different name.  Since it makes a copy and it renames the project it can also be used to rename projects, make incremental backup copies of projects, and clean projects up quickly with only a couple of clicks of the mouse.