SonarWiz Testimonials

“Yes, I did find the workshop helpful. It gave me a great overview of SonarWiz and has encouraged me to work on upgrading all of our workstations. Thanks for putting on a great workshop.”Chris Cring, Fugro GeoServices, Inc.

“We’re extremely satisfied with SonarWiz and the customer service we’re getting from Chesapeake Technology. As we expand use, the intuitive user interface makes it very easy for new users to get up to speed quickly, and Chesapeake has always been responsive to our requests.”Commander Ana Angélica Ligiéro Alberoni Tavares, CHM, Brazilian Navy

“I’ve been very impressed with the CTI support [for] SonarWiz. There hasn’t been a question unanswered yet! Great job. :)”Dara Mullins, EGS Survey

“It is an excellent product to process Side Scan Sonar and SBP data. I am in the business since 1982 and from the very first time I used the program I decided to buy it (we rented it the first time) without any hesitation. SonarWiz is an excellent product and the support is even better. Your support is more than perfect. Congratulations.”Marcos Palisa, Hydronav Argentina S.A.

"You and your software engineers are amazing. You routinely allow/enable me to do my job despite poor data collection by contractors. You guys really have saved me on more occasions than I can count. Thank you SO MUCH!”Kimberly Faulk, Marine Archaeologist, Geoscience Earth & Marine Services, Inc

“Your SonarWiz workshop in New Haven was outstanding. The time budgeted for the many topics covered was well planned. The opportunity to follow along with Mike and practice with this very powerful tool was enormously informative. I look forward to attending future workshops.”Steve Crowley, US Navy Naval Surface Weapons Center

“(Please, sorry for my English mistakes!) SonarWiz shows an easiest interface and extremely helpful for interpreting side scan sonar and SBP data.”Sergio Henrique Nunes de Faria, Geosciences Manager, C&C Technologies

“Thank you. You are a rare software vendor. We truly appreciate your quick fixes and feature additions.”Richard Funk, USWTR Survey, Tetra Tech

Kraken Robotics sonar manufacturing partner of SonarWiz
"First of all, things are looking great. Especially like how easy it is to simply click and drag the files into the software. Overall this is looking great and I'm looking forward to further testing of the integration, as well as learning the tools SonarWiz has to offer. I find this software very easy and quick to use!"Brian Carroll, Kraken Robotics

"SonarWiz has been key in our post-processing workflow and will continue to be an integral part of how we supply quality products to both our commercial and government clients. Your customer support has been exceptional...We appreciate all of your assistance and look forward to your continued tradition of excellent post-processing products.”Nate Novak, Orca Maritime

"Thank you again for helping us with our temporary licenses! I continue to love working with SonarWiz - it is powerful yet intuitive and easy to use! We currently have 2 SonarWiz licenses, as you know, and we use them almost every day...customer support has been amazing as well! You guys are very quick to respond to my questions and willing to help me troubleshoot our issues until they are resolved."Emma Clarkson, Texas Parks & Wildlife

"I wanted to mention comments from Geophysicists now that they have used Sonarwiz for a while – They love it... It does what they want it to do and it makes their life easier."David Murray, N-Sea Survey

"From our experience SonarWiz 7 provides a fantastic teaching tool that is robust, intuitive and provides a one-stop shop from acquisition to mosaic; enabling students to experience a full-cycle survey project in their first 6 months of study."Dr. Tim Scott, Univ of Plymouth UK

"Thank you for your huge help regarding this issue. I haven't see any company providing this much of customer care. I'm really impressed about your service."Indika Kumara, Lanka Hydraulic Institute

"We love SonarWiz, couldn't do without it!"Mark Borelli, Center for Coastal Studies

"We recently upgraded to SonarWiz 7 due to the specification of a job and have been delighted with the changes that have been made since version 5. Many of these changes, even the smaller ones, have made the project workflow and data interpretation easier and quicker which is a huge benefit to us."Mark James, MSDS Marine UK

"I love SonarWiz! It's easy to use and the workflow is logical. It's a pleasure to use."Nancy Byrne, VesPos Hydro Data