SonarWiz Updates

4th Quarter, 2017

SW7 allows inverted bathymetry gridding!
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General SonarWiz 7 Enhancements:

– The SonarWiz7 integrated CTI3DViewer has a great new reporting option – the ability to capture 3D-action video or your manually-controlled scene actions. You can now share an active-graphic presentation of your 3DViewer results, with anyone who can read a WMV-format file (reads with the free Windows Media Viewer)
-Contact editing just got faster! New hot-keys support allows you to step through the process to next-contact with less key-strokes.


LiDAR Post Processing: Full initial support for Velodyne VLP16 Sensor System
R2 Sonic Files: You can now split out HF/LF channels and process them separately


By User Request: CSV Export of CMG and other data is now available
Internal computation of CMG and SPEED is now done, even if the mag import template had not provided these data


S7K Multibeam File Backscatter Data can now be imported as sidescan using only a sidescan post-processing license
Turbo Mode SS Digital Filtering Option: Under operator control, speed up certain signal processing combos by a factor of x2.5!
Solo EGN has been boosted for faster processing
Multi-threading CSF-file processing has been added which enables up to a x5 speed increase!


Seabeam special-feature SEG files are now fully supported for post-processing

Real-Time Data Acquisition Enhancements:

Our most innovative new real-time feature for LiDAR surveys, initially supports recording data from the Velodyne VLP16 sensor system. It can be recorded concurrently with MBES data by SonarWiz, using the MBES server option.

3rd Quarter, 2017

SW7 allows inverted bathymetry gridding!
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SonarWiz 7 Features:

– Not every grid will be positive-down, so we’ve made your gridding easier, by allowing any grid to be inverted to match the SonarWiz processing math.
– Sidescan and sub-bottom import being both fully 32-bit floating-point format now, we removed some of the legacy math limits where minima/maxima (thresholding) could be applied. It’s not necessary anymore!


New Cross-Section Report Option
Static Gain Offset Option for Backscatter Mosaics


Single Beam Pricing – New Q3 2017 options!
Single Beam Real Time Stand-Alone Server


Freespan targets now easier to adjust
Revised UGC – easier to use, includes water type selector to reflect salinity


Batch-Add Swell Filter
User specified navigation positions in SEGY trace headers

2nd Quarter, 2017

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SonarWiz 7 Features:

Fully integrated 3D viewer for real time and post-processed images
3D views of sidescan, sub-bottom, single beam or multi-beam data
Seabed Characterization tools greatly enhanced
Properties window provides visual access to items, settings, controls
All RT servers enhanced so easier to do real-time surveys


View Kongsberg MBES backscatter (with bathy license)
32-bit floating point resolution makes import and view faster and easier


Enhanced annotation of intersections for ease of use


Single-beam acquisition and processing supported
Enhanced support for reading navigation in Hypack XTF, S7K

1st Quarter, 2017

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Bathymetry Post Processing:

Import Hypack HS2/HS2x bathy files, process in SonarWiz
Natural Neighbor bathy gridding
Seabed Classification for bathy backscatter data

Sidescan Post Processing:

Enhanced file property disccover and information view

Sub-bottom Post Processing:

Offset button on tracking ribbon menu
Atlas Parasound .ACF data file support

Magnetometry Post Processing:

New label system for lines without a name
Line-tag in map view to distinguish between lines in large survey

4th Quarter, 2016

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General Improvements:

Color Window – with HISTOGRAM control

Bathymetry Post Processing:

New Universal Recipient ADD GRID Function

Sidescan Post Processing:

New Nadir Filter

Sub-bottom Post Processing:

New On-the-fly Digital Window

3rd Quarter, 2016

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General Improvements:

Color Legend – New Name and Map Toolbar Access
Import Navigation Smoothing – new option – None
Export CSF File Navigation Data in GPX Format

Sub-Bottom Specific Enhancements:

SEG-Y – Channel Number Select Option
New ODC File Type Specific Option – Import HD Types

Sidescan Specific Enhancements:

CSF File Amplitude Gridding

Real-Time Enhancements:

3DViewer Real-Time Waterfall – coming soon!

2nd Quarter, 2016

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Bathymetry Post Processing:

New support: Lowrance Structure Scan 3D SL3 format bathymetry import
New bathymetry gridding option: External XYZ data format
New bathymetry gridding option: Volumetric Computations

Sub-bottom Post Processing:

New Seismic Data Polarity Choices for Import and Viewing
New Sub-bottom data import from Lowrance SL2 or SL3 format files

Real-time Data Acquisition Enhancements:

Event / Annotation Logging

Sidescan Post-processing Enhancements
Magnetometry Post-processing Enhancements

1st Quarter, 2016

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Bathymetry Post Processing Enhancements
Sidescan Post Processing Enhancements
Sub-bottom Post Processing Enhancements
Magnetometry-Specific Enhancements
Real-Time Data Acquisition Enhancements