SonarWiz Updates

3rd Quarter, 2017

SW7 allows inverted bathymetry gridding!
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SonarWiz 7 Features:

– Not every grid will be positive-down, so we’ve made your gridding easier, by allowing any grid to be inverted to match the SonarWiz processing math.
– Sidescan and sub-bottom import being both fully 32-bit floating-point format now, we removed some of the legacy math limits where minima/maxima (thresholding) could be applied. It’s not necessary anymore!


New Cross-Section Report Option
Static Gain Offset Option for Backscatter Mosaics


Single Beam Pricing – New Q3 2017 options!
Single Beam Real Time Stand-Alone Server


Freespan targets now easier to adjust
Revised UGC – easier to use, includes water type selector to reflect salinity


Batch-Add Swell Filter
User specified navigation positions in SEGY trace headers

2nd Quarter, 2017

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SonarWiz 7 Features:

Fully integrated 3D viewer for real time and post-processed images
3D views of sidescan, sub-bottom, single beam or multi-beam data
Seabed Characterization tools greatly enhanced
Properties window provides visual access to items, settings, controls
All RT servers enhanced so easier to do real-time surveys


View Kongsberg MBES backscatter (with bathy license)
32-bit floating point resolution makes import and view faster and easier


Enhanced annotation of intersections for ease of use


Single-beam acquisition and processing supported
Enhanced support for reading navigation in Hypack XTF, S7K

1st Quarter, 2017

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Bathymetry Post Processing:

Import Hypack HS2/HS2x bathy files, process in SonarWiz
Natural Neighbor bathy gridding
Seabed Classification for bathy backscatter data

Sidescan Post Processing:

Enhanced file property disccover and information view

Sub-bottom Post Processing:

Offset button on tracking ribbon menu
Atlas Parasound .ACF data file support

Magnetometry Post Processing:

New label system for lines without a name
Line-tag in map view to distinguish between lines in large survey

4th Quarter, 2016

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General Improvements:

Color Window – with HISTOGRAM control

Bathymetry Post Processing:

New Universal Recipient ADD GRID Function

Sidescan Post Processing:

New Nadir Filter

Sub-bottom Post Processing:

New On-the-fly Digital Window

3rd Quarter, 2016

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General Improvements:

Color Legend – New Name and Map Toolbar Access
Import Navigation Smoothing – new option – None
Export CSF File Navigation Data in GPX Format

Sub-Bottom Specific Enhancements:

SEG-Y – Channel Number Select Option
New ODC File Type Specific Option – Import HD Types

Sidescan Specific Enhancements:

CSF File Amplitude Gridding

Real-Time Enhancements:

3DViewer Real-Time Waterfall – coming soon!

2nd Quarter, 2016

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Bathymetry Post Processing:

New support: Lowrance Structure Scan 3D SL3 format bathymetry import
New bathymetry gridding option: External XYZ data format
New bathymetry gridding option: Volumetric Computations

Sub-bottom Post Processing:

New Seismic Data Polarity Choices for Import and Viewing
New Sub-bottom data import from Lowrance SL2 or SL3 format files

Real-time Data Acquisition Enhancements:

Event / Annotation Logging

Sidescan Post-processing Enhancements
Magnetometry Post-processing Enhancements

1st Quarter, 2016

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Bathymetry Post Processing Enhancements
Sidescan Post Processing Enhancements
Sub-bottom Post Processing Enhancements
Magnetometry-Specific Enhancements
Real-Time Data Acquisition Enhancements