Technical Support Policy

Extended Maintenance Agreement (EMA)

Full customer support and software upgrade services are included for one year with the purchase price of SonarWiz. At the end of the first year, and each subsequent year, customers may extend access to Support by purchasing an Extended Maintenance Agreement (EMA).

Extended Maintenance Agreements include:

  • The ability to Submit Support Requests to professional experts in SonarWiz.
  • Software maintenance, including all major and minor SonarWiz updates released during the term of your EMA.
  • A 15% discount on the cost of all training events.

EMA that have expired may be re-activated by paying a catch-up fee. Please contact our sales team for terms and conditions.

Technical Support

Our support commitment covers everything from basic "How To" type questions, to advanced analysis of specific technical problems with data you are processing within SonarWiz. Technical support is not intended as a substitute for formal training on the use of SonarWiz. For information on our training program, please visit our Training page.

We will gladly explore any bug reports or questions submitted to us. However, we require that you are working with the current version of the software and thus have a current EMA. The reason for this is that we often find that the problem is not a bug in SonarWiz but rather a problem with corrupt data, coordinate system definitions, etc. If, in the course of investigation, it is determined a software defect exists, we will do everything possible to provide you with a work around, a quick fix, or an update to the software as soon as possible.

Use our Technical Support Help Desk to contact our support team.

Software Maintenance

Our EMA program entitles you to all major and minor releases of the current version of SonarWiz, at no additional cost throughout the term of the EMA subscription.

A current EMA is required to request access to older versions of SonarWiz. However, please note that older versions of the software cannot always be supported.

The current version of SonarWiz is available here.

For current terms and conditions of licensing see our Licensing Page.