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Customer Support

Chesapeake has a simple philosophy when it comes to support – everyone who has access to support gets everything we have to offer. We don’t have different tiers or ask people to pay more to have access to certain services or information. We just want you to have the help and information you need to use our products to their fullest capability.

Click here to Submit a Support Request.

Full customer support services are included for one year with the purchase price of any of our products. At the end of the first year, and each subsequent year, customers may extend access to support by purchasing an Extended Maintenance Agreement (EMA).

Chesapeake is among the first to offer dongle-free licenses. They are more convenient and eliminate risk of lost or stolen dongles. Read FAQs here.


Our customers are using SonarWiz every day and have the best ideas for how to make it even better. So we’re always open to requests and suggestions for new features and product improvements. We distribute updates as frequently as every two weeks, providing new capabilities and features that increase the value you derive from SonarWiz.

Extended Maintenance Agreement

To purchase, renew or get a quote on an Extended Maintenance Agreement (EMA), please fill out our Quote Request Form.

To renew your EMA by credit card or debit card online, log in to the CTI EMA Renewal Site, click the “Renew EMA” link under “Extended Maintenance” in the left hand menu.

To contact Chesapeake Support with an issue, please submit a support request via our Support Desk or call Monday through Friday:

(828) 395-3496 (9:00-5:00 Pacific)
(650) 283-9667 (9:00-5:00 Eastern)

Support includes
  • Access downloads, videos, documentation, tutorials, and other training and support guides

  • The ability to Submit Support Requests with specific questions

  • We typically resolve these within 1-3 business days, depending on the urgency of the situation

  • Preferred technical support – we try our best to answer everyone’s questions in a reasonable time frame.

  • We offer priority response to everyone who is in their first year of use or has purchased an EMA

    • Unlimited downloads of all product upgrades with current EMA

    • Upload site where you may deposit problem data files for us to review

    • 15% discount on the cost of all training events

    • Hands-on training offered at customer sites, ask for details