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- Call (Monday - Friday):

(650) 283-9667 (9:00-5:00 Eastern)
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Support Desk

If you are having a problem with SonarWiz or would like to request a bug fix or suggest a new feature, you can do so via the Support Desk and Support Staff will respond to your request during office hours. Be sure to provide as much information as possible on your request in addition to screenshots, project files (.MML) and relevant sonar data (.XTF, .JSF, .CSF, etc).

Customers are encouraged to submit enhancement ideas and requests, which often find their way into our next release to the benefit of all of our customers.

We offer comprehensive Training Programs tailored to meet your specific needs.

Chesapeake is among the first to offer dongle-free licenses. They are more convenient and eliminate risk of lost or stolen dongles. Read FAQs about DFLs here.

Additional Resources

- How To Videos
- Webinars
- User Guide
- Local Docs folder installed at (C:\Program Files\Chesapeake Technology, Inc\SonarWiz7\Docs) or a similar filepath