Resources You’d Like To See For Support in 2024?

Chesapeake Times, Vol 16 | January 2024

Here at CTI we pride ourselves on our top of the industry customer support, our team not only is willing and able to assist with your SonarWiz projects but we have a wide array of industry knowledge that can assist when the inevitable speed bumps appear in your survey.

With that goal in mind over the past 5 years we have worked diligently to update our resources and documentation to further give access to our knowledge base to our users. This started with a complete rewrite to our standard user guide for the software which then led to a completely new support desk where you can reach out for customer support and the addition of our resource library with dozens of articles with a wide range of topics.


In this Help Desk we now have a Quick Start guide for every one of the major post processing workflows in SonarWiz (sidescan, subbottom, magnetometer, contacts, etc.) and are working on new articles every month for common pitfalls when using the program.

We of course never want to dissuade our customers from simply picking up the phone and calling our team but when you are out in the open ocean without cell service or working late into the night, we want to have resources available if need be.

But as well roll into the new year we want to set our sites higher and continue to adapt our support to the ever-changing industry. As we set our sights on the rest of 2024, I want to ask you, our dedicated users, what resources would help you! I have a few ideas in mind:
– A video series showing step by step guides for the program.
– A forum where users can post questions and share tips and tricks
– An onboarding series where new hires at your company can take an introduction to SonarWiz with the assistance of our support team.

I would love to personally hear from you on which of the above ideas you would like
to see us implement. Please feel free to reach out to me at with your recommendations, your feedback could help set our plans for another great year at CTI! Happy new year!