Reconnecting Project File Path References

Chesapeake Times, Vol 3 | October 2020

The structure and nature of SonarWiz projects require various connections from items created and images or databases in your project folder. Our support team frequently hears from customers saying they are missing contacts, files etc. especially after a project has been moved from one workstation to another. To address this common issue, our developers created a tool to reconnect these file paths. It is located under the Tools tab in the program, Locate Project Files…
The goal here is to see all green status and repair path names that have become broken due to a project move or other file operation. SonarWiz stores path names in 5 different databases; some of these databases have several paths that all need to be accurate for the SonarWiz project to operate correctly.

For example, we often see issues with sonar files being lost in projects after moves, so let’s walk through reconnecting those items. What happens when you get this error message from SonarWiz?
Our support team recommends starting the troubleshooting by opening your project .MML file in a text editor like Notepad which is the index SonarWiz uses to look for files that should be in the project CSF folder. Use CTRL + F to find the following line: <m_nNumFilesInProject>5</m_nNumFilesInProject>

When you open a SonarWiz project, the program looks at this line and attempts to match the items in this list to the contents of the CSF folder. If you received the error message above or there are files missing when you loaded the project, one of these lists (.MML or CSF folder) didn’t have the file. It is often the case that these CSF files were left behind on a network drive or another workstation. So you can use the Add CSF Files… command in the File Manager to bring them back into the project.
For sonar files, you will need to make sure all the extension files created in conjunction with the .CSF files are in the same folder when bringing them back into the project. They will all have the same name with varying extensions (.CDF, .BTK, .CSD) and contain the necessary settings.

Our support team wrote an article in our Knowledge Database in Confluence (linked here) with a complete list of items that need to be reconnected in the Locate Project Files tool that users can reference. If you have any issues when attempting to reconnect path/ file references, our support team can assist further.

– Patrick Zynda, Support Engineer