Image To SEGY


ImageToSEGY enables you to save your scanned seismic paper records as fully conforming SEG-Y digital data files, complete with time stamps, fix marks, and interpolated navigation.

Many institutions that have been collecting seismic data over the years have archives of aging paper seismic records. The quality of these records will deteriorate with time as the paper quality degrades. ImageToSEGY is an application that can rescue paper seismic records by converting the scanned paper images to digital SEG-Y data files.

Chesapeake ImageToSEGY convert seismic paper to SEGY digital files


  • Supports most common graphics file formats including JPEG, TIFF, and BMP

  • Allows you to specify navigation, time, and fix marks in the image and will then interpolate to provide unique time and navigation at each shot point

  • Edit the SEG-Y EBCDIC header information on each file or provide a simple text file to store with each SEG-Y file

  • Supports importing of SEG-P1 format files for navigation data

  • Online HTML help file

  • The resulting SEG-Y file conforms to the SEG Y rev 1 Data Exchange Format specification, as defined by the SEG Technical Standards Committee, Release 1, May 2002

Please contact us during your free trial, at to get 1 free sample image transformed to SEG format, to verify that ImageToSEGY will work for you!