• Updated SonarWiz to a Modern User Interface
  • New Simplified Data Import Workflow
  • Sub-Bottom Profile Multiple Suppression Filter
  • Sidescan Waterfalls Open Significantly faster
  • Normal and Reversed Waterfall Scrolling
  • Remote Contacts/Waypoints
  • Added support for S7K multi detection soundings
  • Added SDF logging to Klein 5k Server
  • Added Depth Sensor support to CMAX CM2 format importer
  • Added support for new JSF coordinate unit = 4 (X, Y in centimeters)
  • Enhanced JSF Bathy Records Extractor to support all position packet parameters

Chesapeake was pleased to attend OI2024 again. The show was very busy and productive and there was a lot of energy and excitement. Most visitors to our booth were eager to see SonarWiz 8.0 and learn how Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) is coming along.

We planned to include robust ATR in 8.0, but decided to spend more time on the Target Detection and Training modules, Contact Capture and Reporting, to meet or exceed user expectations. We expect to include most or all in SonarWiz 8.1 by late Q2.

SonarWiz 7.12.3 released
  • 8.0.0 coming in April; Webinar in late February to showcase it
  • 7.12.2 is a maintenance rel and the last of the 7x releases, includes:  
  • 10x faster opening of sidescan data in Waterfall
  • Added Min & Max Beam angle fields to Output Device datagram config
  • Mag Depth/ Altitude now converts feet to meters properly in 7.11
  • Grid cross-section dialog no longer reverts to enabling all possible grids
  • Grid cross-section tool works when drawing North-South profile lines
  • Waterfall speed correction has correct along-track resolution
  • SBP Edge Detection Bottom Tracking does not ignore blanking value
  • Improved SSS actual sample import, files load much faster
  • CSF to SEGY Export using Topo Correction was broken and now fixed
Chesapeake held training on board and in class Dec 11-14 at the College of Charleston again. Attendees learned the latest features of SonarWiz 7x, along with the best practices for data collection and processing, and a preview of our next major release, SonarWiz 8.0. We were pleased to be again welcoming our hardware partners to demonstrate their latest products throughout the event, with tabletop displays and boat demos.
SonarWiz at FEMME 2023
Harold Orlinsky, GM, travelled 25,000 air miles this Fall to the UK, Japan and China. He taught SonarWiz to a class of 25 during FEMME 2023, Sept 25-29, sponsored by Kongsberg Maritime.
Harold assisted with SonarWiz training for 35 trainees at Viziotex, our long time reseller partner in Japan. They presented at Techno-Ocean and the booth was very active throughout the show.

Harold assisted with a SonarWiz training in Shanghai Oct 9-11. There were more than 80+ attendees and the training was held near the offices of Geo Marine Technology, one of Chesapeake's key reseller partners there.

SonarWiz 8.0 Q1 2024

Our Sub bottom multiple reflector suppression filter is highlighted here. This routine will detect the predicted multiple and remove it, leaving the surrounding data intact. 

SonarWiz 7.12.0  Nov 7

Implemented 2-layer SBP sound velocity model
EGN table dialog now suggests default name
Gridding algorithms now respect Golden Soundings
Add Custom Import template for creating from XY contact
Add Cross Section tool for grid datasets - use with SS, mag, compare
Add Raw sonar files to project folder - option in Prefs & Settings
Add tracked far field support to the Seabed Classification
Change default angle bounds in PTC to -3 to +3 degrees
Add controls to turn off real-time status icons
Add support for S7K multi-detect soundings
Hitting Save in Bottom Track window bolds name in Project Explorer
Add measure tool and info at cursor to Swath Editor

SonarWiz 8.0 Q4 2023
SonarWiz 8.0 will be released later this year and will have several new features and performance improvements. We highlight one of the many new features below, a new way to import data from multiple sensors.

SonarWiz 7.11.2 Aug 23

Display SSS, SBP and backscatter imagery using dB or linear scale
Add Far Field tracking support to Seabed Classification
Add Export bathymetry nadir depth as XYZ file
Add Golden Sounding flag support to Swath and Area Editors
Add horizontal error scalar to CUBE algorithm
GeoPulse 2 & GeoChirp 2 support new pinger min/max frequencies
Over 25 bug fixes were addressed in this release, including:
SS Analysis window opens behind main display when launched
Klein SDF files with Ship only position do not import correctly
MB Server - updated to handle higher ping rates for sonars

SonarWiz 7.11.1 Release
  • New CSF tool to split CSF files into smaller file sizes for easier processing
  • Added Quick Select options for VHF/Gapfill/MT in Batch Bottom Track window
  • Fix Swath Editor crashes occurring on certain file types
  • Fix Multibeam Server for R2Sonic sonar, capture navigation & altitude to XTF files
  • Fix SSS and SBP import option to use actual sample count option
  • Improve CSF to SEGY depths for systems using floating point sample times for higher resolution
  • Fix Navigation field when exporting multiple Polyline Shape files
  • Improve Contact Editor UI for more accurate shadow measurements
  • Updated Far Field Tracking to use Foot-based projects as well as metric
SonarWiz 7.11.0 Release

- Flag soundings with up to 8 user-defined categories; user can make them golden
- SonarWiz projects no longer require transformations to/from WGS84
- Updates to the copy project tool, can now rename projects
- AutoTVG adjusted for artifacts caused in the far field
- Capture Contact now has length & width box for easier measurements
- Added measurement utility and info at cursor to Bathy Swath Editor
- Edit non-bathy grids in the grid editor for enhanced data analysis
- Export updates - added: flags to XYZ, multiple fields for Grids
-  Added support: GeoAcoustics GeoPulse 2 and EdgeTech eBoss system
- NMEA parser for Single Beam can now handle invalid characters
-  Added Capture Distance to the CUBE gridder

Integrating SonarWiz
SonarWiz works with wide variety of 3rd party software MS Office; ESRI, Global Mapper, Surfer, Qgis; Google Earth, TerraDepth. +100 Formats.
Analyzing Bathymetry
We demonstrate how to use the Performance Utility, Volume and Difference calculator, Cross Section report and A minus B tool. 45 min.
Many New Features in Mag
One hour webinar covering workflow for magnetometer processing, visualizing, classifying anomalies, creating reports and more. Approx 1 hour.
New SonarWiz Geodesy Engine
Chesapeake presented a one hour webinar about updates to the Geodesy engine, potential compatibility issues and special notes for bathy projects. Approx 1 hour long.

Feb 28  Watch: Geodesy Engine
Mar 14   Watch: SonarWiz Mag
Mar 28   Watch Recording:
Analyzing Bathymetry 
      SonarWiz, Google Earth, TerraDepth

All webinars will be recorded and available for viewing later but we hope you can join us!

 SonarWiz 7.10.2 Released Feb 20

Auto Import - new subfolders added, file pattern for importing
Sidescan Auto Processing updated with all settings and gains options
Export options for sidescan Auto Processing updated with all export options
New Mag Raw & Residual Drawing Modes make it easier to see in Map View
New Mag Options for clipping navigation and data spike (noise) removal
New Mag Anomaly commands Zoom To, Sort, Edit handle large # of anomalies
Importing multiple external navigation files at once
Copy project updates: file pattern, select specific settings
First commercially available server for EdgeTech eBoss 3D SAS SBP
Update Norbit Multibeam driver all Winghead sonar packets
Update single beam server to parse non-NMEA messages
Custom coordinate systems can now be selected after project created


We’re happy to announce that TerraDepth and Chesapeake Technologies have entered into an agreement to collaborate on a solution for mosaiced imagery data. This integrated workflow will connect Chesapeake’s SonarWiz software and TerraDepth’s Absolute Ocean (AO) platform, making a seamless and straightforward approach from collection to processing and full analysis.
Read more...  | TerraDepth April Newsletter

Great South Channel Habitat Management Area Benthic Survey

Coonamessett Farm Foundation Inc. (CFF), Nantucket Sound Seafood Inc., Stellwagen Bank Fisheries Corp., and other Atlantic surfclam fishery stakeholders have been working collaboratively to gather spatial and temporal data regarding substrate and species movement throughout the Nantucket Shoals system... We are grateful for the support and assistance of Harold Orlinsky at Chesapeake Technology who have helped to bridge an important gap in continuing this research.
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 The Wreck of an 1830s Whaler Offers a
 Glimpse of America’s Racial History

Long time Chesapeake customer Search Inc. was highlighted in this NYT article. When the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration needed to test new equipment in the Gulf of Mexico, it asked Search Inc. if there were any wrecks it was interested in exploring. From his office last month, Dr. Delgado, an expert in maritime archaeology, directed the crew of NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer vessel ... Read more...

At the Bottom of an Icy Sea, One of History’s Great Wrecks Is Found

Explorers and researchers, battling freezing temperatures, have located Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s ship that sank in the Antarctic in 1915. SonarWiz software was used on board during the mission and played a role.  Read more...