We’re happy to announce that Terradepth and Chesapeake Technologies have entered into an agreement to collaborate on a solution for Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) in mosaiced imagery data. This integrated workflow will connect Chesapeake’s SonarWiz software and Terradepth’s Absolute Ocean (AO) platform, making a seamless and straightforward approach from collection to processing and full analysis. Read more...  | Terradepth April Newsletter
SonarWiz Processes HydroBall
HydroBall® buoy from M2Ocean Solutions is an autonomous bathymetric data acquisition solution that is particularly efficient in non-traditional environments including rivers, canyons, reservoirs, ultra-coastal zones, and remote locations. The HydroBall® integrates three main components: a GNSS L1/L2 receiver, a miniature inertial motion sensor, and a single beam echosounder. SonarWiz now supports HydroBall data.        Read more...

- New options for: bathy XYZ, NetCDF,  8-bit GeoTiff
- Auto processing and directory monitoring for bathy
- Support for import of EdgeTech Motion Tolerant Data
- GeoAcoustics SBP server allows for ramp power up
- 3 channel support for transducer offsets (ch 5, 6)
- Updated MBServer for Reson T50 collection
- UGC Linear Mode now allows user defined points
- Synchronize SSS and SPB digitizer views

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Chesapeake will attend OI2022 in booth F10

Chesapeake just returned from Oceanology International. It was good to catch up with folks and see the latest trends in the industry. We’re on the road throughout 2022, and hope to see you at another show or one of our training events.

Next up, THSOA Lunch and Learn in April and the three-day workshop at NW Michigan College in May. Check out our event calendar for all the details.


 The Wreck of an 1830s Whaler Offers a
 Glimpse of America’s Racial History

Long time Chesapeake customer Search Inc. was highlighted in this NYT article. When the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration needed to test new equipment in the Gulf of Mexico, it asked Search Inc. if there were any wrecks it was interested in exploring. From his office last month, Dr. Delgado, an expert in maritime archaeology, directed the crew of NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer vessel ... Read more...

At the Bottom of an Icy Sea, One of History’s Great Wrecks Is Found

Explorers and researchers, battling freezing temperatures, have located Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s ship that sank in the Antarctic in 1915. SonarWiz software was used on board during the mission and played a role.


SonarWiz now supports Motion Tolerant mode on EdgeTech 4205 Tri-Frequency sidescan sonar. "The 4205 motion tolerant configuration with multi-pulse provides surveyors the ability to operate either at faster survey speeds or in more adverse weather conditions while still obtaining high quality underwater imagery." Read more
Chesapeake was pleased at the large turnout and high quality of The Hydrographic Society UK & Ireland's Remote Hydrography Conference & Exhibition in Dublin.
SonarWiz 7.9.1

Improved SSS real time waterfall gains & color adjustments. Anomaly auto detection uses dynamic ambient smoothing. EdgeTech 2205 tri-frequency data acquisition added. Automatic Navigation packet detection for JSF import. Export Vertical GeoTIFF grid in Terradepth format. Auto TVG Gains much faster to compute, draw & apply. Improved DFL licensing with more flexibility and control. View icons added to Data Acquisition and Bathy ribbons. Get it today with current EMA - Support > Downloads


Unicode-enabled, translate to 12 languages
Overlap mode to blend sidescan gap-fill data
Contact Editor, Contact Capture improved
Capture contacts in Map View
Zoom images in Contact Editor & export selected area
More options to view data in real time SSS waterfall
Support for NavLab in NIP and External Navigation
Support for Kongsberg EM124 multibeam

Support > Downloads
EMA must be current to download
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