SonarWiz Now Processes QPS Qinsy Sidescan Files - Sub bottom Coming Soon
Chesapeake Technology is proud to annouce a new partnership with QPS.
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Chesapeake Technology Announces Several New SonarWiz Training Dates in 2019
Chesapeake Technology Inc. will be holding several training workshops this spring, summer and fall.
Classes are two or three days long and breakfast, lunch, snacks, sample data sets and two week demo
licenses are provided. Travel and accommodations are not included in the registration fee. Read more

Chesapeake Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Harold Orlinsky as General Manager. Harold brings 25 years of experience in the hydrographic field to lead Chesapeake as they continue to build on SonarWiz, their world class software for sidescan, sub bottom and multibeam applications. Read more

Chesapeake renewed its multi year partnership with Project Recover. Project Recover is a public-private partnership to enlist 21st century science and technology combined with in-depth archival and historical research in a quest to find the final underwater resting places of Americans missing in action since World War II. Read more in Sea Technology Blog.

Chesapeake is pleased to announce Dr. David Finlayson's promotion to Vice President of Engineering. John Gann, co-founder, will continue to manage a broad range of software and business development projects.

Chesapeake released SonarWiz 7.2 with new 3D Report options, enhanced Helm Display and dongle free data collection options.

Chesapeake is pleased to announce our 2018 Annual Workshop. It will be held in Florida December 4-6, 2018. Read the press release here and see the Training menu to download the registration form.

"SonarWiz 7 provides a fantastic teaching tool for Marine Science undergraduates that is robust, intuitive and provides a one-stop shop from acquisition to mosaic; enabling students to experience a full-cycle survey project in their first 6 months of study", said Dr. Tim Scott of Plymouth University.

Chesapeake Offers a Dongle Free License Option Starting with 7.1. In what may be an industry first, users now have the option to buy secure SonarWiz post-processing licenses with an electronic code instantly on payment or purchase order.

Chesapeake’s SonarWiz 7.1 delivers new suite of tools to boost Bathy, Sidescan, and Backscatter productivity. The latest version features drag and drop bathy, automated vessel creation, a new unified user interface, and multiple EGN tables designed to streamline workflow and boost signal processing speeds.

Orca Maritime used SonarWiz and Iver3 AUVs with EdgeTech 2205 to conduct night surveys of several marinas to identify the optimal passage and berth for deep draft vessels.

Users now have the option to buy SonarWiz Multibeam (MBES) or SonarWiz Magnetometer as standalone licenses. SBES processing also available separately or as and add on to any license.

Chesapeake announces the many new features added to SonarWiz 7 in the past few months. 3D Viewer, LiDAR data collection and processing, speed and productivity improvements throughout.

Chesapeake Technology had record attendance at the 2017 edition of their annual training workshop, held at Cape Fear Community College.

Chesapeake added LiDAR support to SonarWiz 7. It supports real-time simultaneous data acquisition and editing of the iLiDAR laser and MBES system.

SonarWiz 7 software can process and display sonar and bathymetry data from the Solstice SAS side-scan sonar manufactured by Sonardyne. SonarWiz can process and display Solstice side-scan data (SWF8 format), view it in 2D and 3D and generate final reports.

Chesapeake Announces standalone Single Beam collection and processing modules. SBES can be added to any data collection and or post processing license.

R2Sonic blog from Lisa Brisson, a Senior Systems Engineer at ECHO81, a provider of hydrographic equipment and consulting services. Lisa provides a look into what it’s like to be a Systems Engineer and Survey Equipment expert.

Marine Technology News reported on a case study using Klein System 5900. All sonar images acquired with Klein S5900 side scan sonar, operated with a K-Wing III depressor, through the A-frame of the Elbit Seagull USV. Post processing in SonarWiz.

SonarWiz 7: See The Difference. International Ocean Systems cover article, online edition, July-August 2017 issue. The newest version is easier to use and more powerful than ever, says USA-headquartered Chesapeake Technology

Ocean News online article: SonarWiz 7 New Functionality and Visualization Tools. Integrated 3D visualization window. Swath bathymetry systems fully supported.

Marine Technology News Online: New Seabed Characterization Tool. It now incorporates bathymetric slope, roughness, TPI and any spatially distributed variable that can aid the characterization algorithm to generate classes of texture.

SonarWiz 7 to ship July 1. This summer, Chesapeake Technology, one of the world’s leading suppliers of sea floor mapping software, will introduce SonarWiz 7, the most advanced marine mapping solution ever produced.

Free Software Licenses for Universities. Chesapeake rolls out a new academic license program for qualified universities.

In a major initiative designed to facilitate the use of SonarWiz software across all major
sea floor mapping applications, Chesapeake Technology has introduced new pricing that
provides SonarWiz users with discounts of up to 35%.

Marine professionals using Kongsberg GeoAcoustics’ PulSAR sidescan sonar now have a
powerful new tool for real-time sea floor mapping thanks to a new interface with
Chesapeake Technology’s SonarWiz mapping software.

In a major development allowing users to immediately visualize vast amounts of bathymetry, sub-bottom, and sidescan data, Chesapeake Technology has added CUBE, a robust new gridding engine, to its industry-leading SonarWiz software.

Chesapeake announces Q2 2015 Quarterly Highlights. Enhancements include Bathy with Backscatter, faster waterfalls, and a modern UI.

In its most significant product announcement in the past five years, Chesapeake launched a new version of its SonarWiz that delivers a new level of data acquisition, processing, and 3D visualization capabilities to the marine technology industry.

“Chesapeake continues to be one of the top choices for processing sidescan imagery, generating mosaics, as well as detecting and reporting features of interest” said Straud Armstrong of L-3 Communications Klein Associates, Inc. …Well done!”

We’re pleased to announce the new processor engine for SonarWiz specifically designed for high-volume interferometric sidescan sonar and shallow-water multibeam data. We’ve also enhanced import options for sidescan sonar and magnetometer data.

Garry Kozak from EdgeTech said “Seeing the Real-Time 3D bathymetry data viewer when running the on water 6205 demonstrations was amazing, SonarWiz just keeps getting better.”

SonarWiz now has a 3D PDF exporting feature enabling users to take use the PDF standard to visualize and interact with data sets plus share with colleagues without software keys.

“I’m glad to have David on our team, said Gann, he has a strong capacity to combine a deep theoretical understanding of seafloor mapping with practical real-world experience and I’m looking forward to see SonarWiz grow with his contributions.”

Jennifer Whitney will provide strategic insight to boost the mind share of CTI and its suite of real-time sonar data acquisition and advanced sonar processing software products, including its flagship SonarWiz.

Chesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI) is pleased to announce two new capabilities that will allow users to better organize sonar contacts and improve sonar mosaic accuracy.

Chesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI) is pleased to announce the addition of a Real-Time Acquisition Server for the EdgeTech 4600 and recently introduced EdgeTech 6205 interferometric bathymetry systems.

Chesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI) is pleased to announce a new 24-bit analog sub-bottom SonarWiz interface (SBP24) for high resolution geophysical surveys.

Chesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI) is pleased to announce a major advance to its flagship software SonarWiz with the addition of post-processing for multibeam echo sounder and interferometric bathymetry systems.

Chesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI) believes in helping educational institutions achieve the best possible research results in all their sonar survey needs. Read how Plymouth University is using SonarWiz in a multitude of different student research dissertations.

Chesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI) is pleased to announce the details for its yearly training seminar on its flagship software suite, SonarWiz.

Chesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI) is pleased to announce new features have been added to its flagship software SonarWiz to support the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) survey guidelines. Download a PDF here for details.

Chesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI), A Mountain View, CA company specializing in real-time sonar data acquisition and advanced sonar processing software, recently honored Aki Inose, of Japan-based Viziotex, with the award as their top global sales representative for 2011.

Chesapeake announces a new release of SonarWiz 5. The new features double the resolution for mosaic and digitized views of sidescan sonar data, without sacrificing performance.

Chesapeake adds support for SyQwest’s new AquaScan sidescan sonar device and its HydroBox echo sounder, streamlining project planning, data acquisition, and processing.

Chesapeake released an updated version of its flagship product, SonarWiz 5. New features were designed in response to customer feedback to speed up mission planning, target prosecution and change detection.

Knudsen Engineering tested its new light-weight ‘Pinger’ sub-bottom profiler on Lake Champlain recently and collected results data with the SonarWiz5 software from Chesapeake Technology, Inc. Click here for details.

The latest enhancement to SonarWiz 5 sonar mapping software generates sea floor classification maps in minutes from existing sidescan sonar data.

The latest SonarWiz update enables direct importing of data files from Humminbird side scan sonar devices. This enhancement was driven by user requests, demonstrating CTI’s commitment to responding to customer input and continual product improvements.

SonarWiz 5 now supports the new Starfish 990 and 452 Seabed Imaging Systems that were just announced in September, demonstrating the speed with which CTI is able to get updates released thanks to our close relationship with Tritech.

Read how the Brazilian Navy Center of Hydrography, a customer since 2005, is standardizing on SonarWiz 5 for all of their geological mapping, mine detection, and updating of nautical charts.

New SonarWiz 5 customers will receive 1 year of Extended Maintenance Agreement (EMA) services free, including access to all software bug-fixes and upgrades during the year, full technical support, and customer login.

We greatly value our customers and want them all to benefit from this major upgrade to our SonarWiz 5product.

Announcing SonarWiz 5, the latest generation of our sonar mapping software, with significant new capabilities and improved ease of use.