Chesapeake's SonarWiz Multibeam Server can now log raw IMU messages from connected motion sensors. This datalogging feature was developed in an effort to ease the workflow of surveyors using SBG Inertial Navigation Sensors (INS), but more specifically, users of SBG’s low SWAP Ellipse-N or Ellipse-D, which require an external datalogger if post-processing in SBG’s Qinertia PPK software is desired.

    The datalogger captures the full data stream, typically 200 Hz, and provides flexibility to process the data in Qinertia for high level data analysis and/or higher accuracy position and orientation, as needed after a survey.    Read more...


     EdgeTech, the leader in high resolution sonar imaging systems and underwater technology, has recently introduced an innovative and new method to provide nadir gap coverage on the EdgeTech 2205 sonar platforms.
     Complementing this new technology is SonarWiz from Chesapeake Technology, providing a software solution to support processing and mosaicking the new gap fill solution. 
    Harold Orlinsky, General Manager of Chesapeake, said “this data combination removes the digital seam seen at the sidescan nadir. SonarWiz makes a GeoTIFF image of the seafloor with the data set.”
EdgeTech Release  | Chesapeake Release

- Create a GeoTIFF from a Basemap to view mosaicked sonar imagery in SonarWiz or export easily.
- Use tools in SonarWiz to estimate survey duration and develop a set of survey lines at the same time.
- "Vertical" GeoTIFFs can encode elevation data or seafloor amplitude information.
- Chesapeake supports both EdgeTech 2205 and Klein MAX-View 600 Gap-Fill solutions. EdgeTech sees the nadir gap from both left and right. SonarWiz now imports and processes this extra data in CH5 & CH6. Read more...
- Overview of Support, Help Desk and Knowledge Base How To documentation.
- Winter training will be held December 13-16 at College of Charleston, SC, USA 
SonarWiz 7.8 - AUGUST 12

Over 100 new improvements and features
- Sidescan import up to 32k samples/channel
- Tide correction for SBP data as well as layers
- Search by Ping or Time in waterfall window
- Export Contact GeoTIFFs with user zoom settings
- Aggregate function now has time & distance filters
- Batch apply far field track in/across files/projects
- More Auto Import options, easier, customizable
- ZEdit ancillary data such as Pitch can now be edited
- Offline DFL for secure facilities with no internet access

     Chesapeake will hold it's annual Winter training course in person again in December 2021. It will be held in Charleston, South Carolina from December 14-16, 9am-5pm EST. 
     On December 13 we will have complimentary sessions Introduction To SonarWiz and hands on demonstration of collection with several EdgeTech sonars.         
     Training includes a 14 day demo license, reference guides and sample data sets to use SonarWiz during and after class.  
     Registration is $695 per person, student discounts and company group rates available.

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Chesapeake Times, Vol 6

- Expanded CSF Sample Count Options from 4,096 samples per channel to 32,000. Centimeter level resolutions over wide swaths.
- Applying antenna elevations (RTK) when processing bathymetry. Achieve sub-decimeter vertical positioning.
- Now able to apply tides and starting elevation to sub-bottom data.
- New bathymetry editing tool works directly on data in main display. No need to use the Swath or Area Editors.
- Far Field tracking for sidescan data helps remove erroneous data captured in survey.
- Training course Dec 14-16, 9am-5pm EST.     Read more