Performance Improvements, New Project Explorer

Chesapeake Times, Vol 16 | January 2024

SonarWiz 8, scheduled for release early in March, will come with some nice performance and functionality enhancements around the digitizer windows, contacts, and project management.

For a while now, opening the bottom tracker/digitizer window has been significantly slower than it needs to be. We’ve sped the loading process up by about an order of magnitude, so opening the window and switching between files is much quicker. This is especially true with large files having many pings, such as SAS data. Additionally, scrolling speed is improved somewhat, making it less sluggish to move around within a file.

Another set of performance improvements revolve around contacts. Projects with tens of thousands of contacts present some significant performance challenges, and with the introduction of ATR contact picking, we’ve had to find ways of making these more manageable. Drawing contacts, within digitizer views and the on the plan view, is significantly faster now. Additionally, the disk space used for storing contact images has been reduced to about one tenth of prior versions, with no loss in image quality.

Another feature is the revised project explorer window. Here, we’re changing the layout to be more like the familiar Windows file explorer window. We’re removing “leaf” items (individual files, contacts, features, and so forth) from the explorer tree, and showing only structure there instead. For the location selected in the tree view, we’ll show its contents in a list view to the right. In addition to better performance with large projects with many items, we’re expecting these changes to aid in project management as well, with a normalized group/folder structure similar to a file system, a location bar for quick navigation, report and icon views to switch between overview and detailed information, and a preview/edit area.

An overarching goal of ours this year is to get SonarWiz to handle large projects much more efficiently. The improvements mentioned above are a good step toward that end.