Custom Training Options

On-Site Training

We offer custom training designed to your specific requirements and equipment, delivered at your location. This includes classroom elements as well as on-board, hands-on training at sea to ensure you have the opportunity to use our software in your specific setting and circumstances.

See the sample course outline below as a starting point for what we can deliver on site. Final content will be customized based on the specific sonar equipment you’re using, where you’ll be operating and the types of surveys you’ll be conducting, and the output you want to generate.

Please contact us so we can discuss your needs, when we might conduct the training, and costs.

Remote Training by Zoom

In 2021 we started providing full day and half day custom training by Zoom since travel was difficult or impossible. Onsite sessions are typically two or three full day events for up to 8 trainees. Remote Zoom sessions are for up to 12 attendees and are customized to the needs of each company. Plenty of time is allowed for questions and answers during and after the session(s). 

Both Chesapeake and users found the half day sessions to be particularly helpful as they allow trainees to carry on with their regular business day. It can be more productive and less disruptive than traveling to meet in person or spending all day in a class. Another benefit to both is that Chesapeake records the sessions and can make them available afterwards for further study and review. Please contact Sales for more information, +650-967-2045 or