No looking back! Backwards compatibility in SonarWiz 8

Chesapeake Times, Vol 17 | April 2024

Given the new SonarWiz 8 release you might be wondering if you can open and work with your SonarWiz 7 projects in SonarWiz 8.   SonarWiz 8  is fully compatible with SonarWiz 7 projects.  We know that users have their SonarWiz version preference either due to an organization restriction or due to user preference.   At CTI we keep this as one of our goals and try to maintain compatibility with previous versions of SonarWiz.  Sometimes however, incompatibility is unavoidable.   When we do have to create an incompatibility in order to provide a better SonarWiz we are not always able to provide a path backwards, we always provide an upgrade path forward.  In this article I will go over the biggest compatibility changes in SonarWiz.

In SonarWiz V7.10.00 we introduced a breaking change with a new Geodesy engine.  There is an upgrade path built into SonarWiz.  Once converted to work with V7.10.00 it will not go back.  All hope is not lost as there is a workaround that can be used to provide compatibility with SonarWiz V7.9 and earlier.

Another big change occurred in SonarWiz V7.04.   We upgraded the data format we use for SSS and SBP in SonarWiz to use compressed samples and more.  We gave SonarWiz the ability to work in either the older CSF V2 format or the new CSF V3 format.  While we removed the option recently, SonarWiz will still open and work with a project that uses CSF V2 files.  

In SonarWiz 7.0 we introduced floating point samples which allowed the user to import SSS and SBP data using the full sample range.  The color mapping and adjustment was now done in post processing allowing the user to tweak how the data looked without having to re-import it.  This signified a significant breaking change.  Projects created in SonarWiz 7 would not load in SonarWiz 6.  Sometimes direct compatibility is not possible.  In this case we have created a tool called Project Promoter to upgrade projects from older versions of SonarWiz.   It is generally used for projects from SonarWiz 7.04 or older.  For SonarWiz projects that are too old even for the project promotion tool we also provide the ability to import SSS and SBP data using the CSF file importer.