New Realtime Capabilities

Chesapeake Times, Vol 12 | Jan 2023

In the upcoming release of version 7.10.2, we’ve added some additional capabilities for realtime monitoring.

The sensor graph window, used to show a graph with a brief history of a sensor value, has been expanded to be able to graph more than one value of interest at a time:

To add or remove graphs, click on the gear icon near the top left of the dockable sensor graph pane. In addition, note the expanded list of values that can be graphed; most of the same numeric values that are available in the system information pane are available to be plotted as sensor graphs now also, providing a history of the values rather than just a snapshot.

To facilitate monitoring systems having both sub-bottom and sidescan channels, sidescan waterfall windows can now be scrolled sideways to match the corresponding sub-bottom signal ping-for-ping. In a waterfall showing both sidescan and sub-bottom monitors, right-click the sidescan monitor and select the “Horizontal” item; the sidescan display will scroll in the same direction as the sub-bottom display, inserting incoming pings on the right edge:

To make the most of screen real estate, waterfalls can be shown with fewer decorations. For situations in which signal traces aren’t needed, a right-click menu item is available in the waterfall windows to hide them, allowing for more data to show at once. In a waterfall, right-click and select the “Signal Trace” option to hide the signal trace:

Lastly, sub-bottom contacts can be captured from the monitor windows now, in realtime as the file is recorded. The target icon in the toolbar of the waterfall window will put the waterfall into target capture mode, and clicking within the sub-bottom monitor will now capture a contact at that point against the currently-recording sub-bottom file, a capability that was only available for sidescan before.