New Far Field Tracking for Sidescan Data

Chesapeake Times, Vol 6 | July 2021

In version 7.07.05 of SonarWiz, we added the ability for sidescan users to track the far-field of their data in post processing in order to remove erroneous data that was captured during the survey. Often times when recording sidescan data in a narrow river or canal, you will often see the edges of your swath range display washed out like the image below.

In prior versions of SonarWiz, you could use the Far Field Threshold tool in the Advanced Settings dialog to attempt to remove this data, but it offered almost no control over how much was removed and where. Since SonarWiz already contained the dialog and automatic algorithms to track data with the Bottom Tracker, we decided to add support for far field tracking here.

To access the new tools, import some sidescan data into your project and open the Bottom Tracker which should now have a new tab for the Far Field.

All of the controls for tracking the altitude are the same as the far field, you can either use the Threshold Detection algorithm to attempt to automatically track out the erroneous data or use the manual tools to insert points.

Once you have tracked the far field and applied the new track, you will need to use the Adjusted Displayed Range tool to trim the data from the plan view.

In our first development wave for this feature, we simply added the ability to track and trim the erroneous data and have the changes appear in the Sonar Coverage report. Our goal for future development is to have this implemented into the Batch Bottom tracker, have the erroneous data removed from signal processing algorithms, and much more.

-Patrick Zynda, Support Engineer