License Options

Hard Dongle or Soft License
  • “DFL” or soft licenses available for all modules Fall 2018
  • Can be moved from one computer to another in seconds
  • Eliminate risk of lost or stolen dongles
  • Run on AWS instances starting with SonarWiz 7.7 and later
  • Azure will be supported in future releases soon
Module Options
  • Field  – Office
  • Field & Office
  • Field Suite  – Office Suite
  • Field & Office Suite
  • Network  – Academic
Trade Up Policy

CTI is pleased to offer a special discount to new users of SonarWiz software. We know you have invested a lot of time and money in other hydrographic programs, and we would like to make the transition to owning SonarWiz a bit easier.  Please email or call +1-650-967-2045 for program details.

License Manager – How To & FAQs

CTI License Manager

The standalone utility for managing licenses on a user PC is called CTI License Manager. This tool currently allows you to:

  • Activate a license
  • Deactivate a license so that it can be moved to another PC
  • Update a license if it has been changed by CTI staff (e.g. EMA date extended)

Internet access is required for activation, and the license must be activated on the machine on which it will be used. The activation process creates a license file that is uniquely tied to that specific PC. In addition, SonarWiz will periodically attempt to validate the license by contacting our database server. If, after repeated attempts, our server cannot be reached because there is no internet connection, SonarWiz will display a reminder message.

A license can be activated many times on the same, or a different PC. However, multiple concurrent activations of the same license are blocked by the system. In other words, if I activate a license on machine A, and then wish to activate it on machine B, I first have to deactivate it on machine A. Deactivation of a license is done by pressing the Deactivate button on CTI License Manager. Internet access is required for this.

Each new activation of a given license is called an installation. Thus, an active license is identified by its license ID and its installation ID.

License Activation

The user is responsible for activating a license on their PC. First close SonarWiz to prevent accidental damage to the license file. Then rung CTI License Manager and press the Activate button.

Enter the License ID and Key supplied by CTI. 

Deactivating a License

You would typically deactivate a license so that it can be moved to another machine. Deactivation is done by closing SonarWiz first, then launching CTI License Manager and using the Deactivate button. Doing this deletes the license file on the current PC and flags that installation of the license as deactivated in our database.

Move a License

Deactivate on machine
Activate on machine B

In order to activate the license again, you will need the original license ID and activation key (password).

Refreshing (Updating) a License

You will need to refresh a license after it has been edited by CTI staff. For example, after an new EMA expiry date has been set, or a new module has been purchased.

To refresh the license, simply  close SonarWiz, launch CTI License Manager and press the Refresh button. You do not need to know the license ID or password.

Privacy Concerns

Please click to read the Chesapeake Technology Privacy Policy and learn what personal information is collected over the internet, why it is collected and what is done with it.

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