Language Support in SonarWiz

Chesapeake Times, Vol 4 | January 2021
During the past few months, we have been working on the translation of SonarWiz into a dozen languages. The goal is to allow for all user interfaces in SonarWiz and the text files created during operation of the program to be translated into the user desired language. The program will run in the same way as before, but now a bit easier for our international clients to navigate through the menus of SonarWiz.

The change requires the program to convert the ASCII project to the UNICODE version. Not a trivial task, as the program has thousands of lines of code.  To verify the process, we took the NavInjectorPro program as our test candidate.  This test run proved successful, as we made the translation into the 12 different languages. Along with this program – and like many other programs in SonarWiz, a text file is created with the operation and results. This too had to get translated, which is done in real time (operator display) and written as a translation into the text file.
Left: NavInjectorPro in Japanese. The entire GUI translated, along with the text written in the dialog bog. 
Right: Example of the log file created by NavInjectorPro.
The stored text file will also contain the translation. We decided that this log file also needs to be written in English, and two log files will automatically be written. This allows us to help support and view client logs that are written into their native language.

We still have some work to do, and our goal is to release the globalization feature in a few months. I look forward to this feature, as we make SonarWiz a little easier to use for our international clients.

-Harold Orlinsky, General Manger