Improvements to Digitizer in SonarWiz

Chesapeake Times, Vol 9 | April 2022

In recent and upcoming releases of SonarWiz, there are a couple of digitizer improvements of note.

In 7.9.2, a new feature was added to synchronize scrolling positions between multiple open waterfall windows. Presently, the control to turn this feature on and off is in the Advanced preferences page:

Upcoming releases will include a toggle on the digitizers themselves:

With this option enabled, and two or more digitizers (SSS/bathymetry or SBP) showing, scrolling in one digitizer will cause the others to scroll to the same position if possible. This enables the user to keep track of targets and features common to colocated (or partially colocated, as in, say, port-to-port overlapping sidescan) lines, and to quickly view all available data at a particular location.

Another improvement, shipping in SonarWiz 7.9.3, is the addition of bottom and far-field tracking to the main sidescan digitizer, and a reworking of its interface as a ribbon-based one with dockable tool windows:

The ribbon-based interface with dockable windows can make for a more compact, customizable layout. Having bottom and far-field tracking available in this view allows for arbitrary zooming and optional speed correction when inspecting and manually editing a bottom track.