GeoAcoustics partnership for PulSAR & GeoPulse

Chesapeake Times, Vol 5 | April 2021

Chesapeake Technology is excited to announce a partnership with GeoAcoustics Ltd to provide users a complete survey solution, combining hardware and software for a seamless operation of sidescan and sub bottom sonar systems.

All purchased PulSAR Sidescan and GeoPulse Compact Sub Bottom sonars will come with the complete SonarWiz data acquisition package. Customers will be provided with a special version of the SonarWiz installer that already includes the real time server needed and unlike other servers that can only simply read information being broadcast from the system, it can be operated without the need for any additional software. Full control of the sonar settings – including power, gain, ping rate and more, are handled in the SonarWiz software.

While collecting data, customers will have full access to SonarWiz’s powerful real-time capabilities with waterfall displays, navigation, and signal processing. The data will be recorded in a raw file format (XTF and SEGY) as well as SonarWiz’s internal file format (CSF).

For any customers using these systems, our sales team would like to offer a free evaluation of the programs post processing capabilities which would provide you with a full survey solution from fish to Geotiff!

-Patrick Zynda, Support Engineer