Software Evaluation

If you are interested in a one or two week evaluation of SonarWiz, ImageToSEGY, or NMEAWiz, please complete the form and indicate which product you would like to try before purchasing. Please provide the full name of your company or organization. If the form does not work correctly, please email for assistance.
If anything is incomplete or we have any questions, we will contact you before approving the evaluation. All requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and only qualified buyers or users will be approved. We don’t email too often and we don’t spam. You can unsubscribe anytime. Click here to see our privacy policy.

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  • Please enter a few words about your application or area of interest so that we may better respond to your request. (Your entry is limited to 500 characters.) The SonarWiz evaluation supports post-processing capabilities only. Data acquisition evaluations are available on request via electronic license or dongle. The purpose of the ONE-TIME evaluation is to use the software to determine if it is an appropriate solution for your sonar mapping needs. If you have used an evaluation before, please contact us for a price quote to RENT or BUY a license now. If your SonarWiz maintenance has expired please contact or call 650-967-2045 to renew your EMA. Multiyear discounted renewals are available.
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