Version 7.03.0004
702 MB - self installing *.exe

CTI highly recommends users migrate to SonarWiz 7.03.0004 soon, which offers significant new features and performance improvements. To test SW7 with existing SW6 projects, make a new project folder COPY first, then open the COPY with SW7. Project will promote to the new SW7 project format, and will not be backward compatible with SW6.

RELEASE NOTES - SW 7.03 - VERSION 7.03.0004

[SW703-349] - Imported files can have very dark areas around the nadir with a white speckle effect.

Staff Bug Reports
[SW703-160] - Phantom contact symbols showing up in waterfall view when digitizing contacts
[SW703-180] - User can bend lines using multiple map corrections
[SW703-188] - Retain CSF links option not applying to contact import
[SW703-210] - ZEdit does not save data that has only been smoothed
[SW703-259] - CTI License Manager - updates needed to help ease administration problems in staff and user base
[SW703-285] - Track perimeter not updated after re-import of lines with new navigation
[SW703-298] - ERROR: Begin transaction failed.(CCSFExtension::BeginTransaction) messages on SSS import
[SW703-301] - Contact hiding not working
[SW703-302] - Make Others Like This Dialog takes 5 to 10 seconds per file to apply settings
[SW703-356] - EM302 import as bathymetry not respecting user packet selections for Attitude
[SW703-357] - Drag and drop Kongsberg ALL files fails to extract approximate project position
[SW703-358] - Update links located in SonarWiz to new support site
[SW703-365] - Sonarwiz runs in at least one virtual environment

Customer Bug Reports
[SW703-144] - Editing vertex SV needs to be done twice to affect lower reflectors
[SW703-145] - Unable to export then re-import reflector features as SonarWiz ASCII CSV
[SW703-246] - Port transducer in HSX files needs to be rotated 180 degrees and sign of pitch and roll reversed
[SW703-249] - Corrupt CSF pings cause SonarWiz to crash during signal processing operations
[SW703-261] - Program KmzGen7.exe is located in installation folder, but SonarWiz is looking for KmzGen5.exe
[SW703-267] - R/T issue during survey, only quick record could be used.
[SW703-273] - Maps and map corrections unintentionally removed from projects.
[SW703-288] - Split Tool Broken for SS
[SW703-294] - Save Project As GeoImage is incorrectly rendering SSS lines in some tiles of a large image
[SW703-295] - Save Mosaic As Tiles, some tiles created look like they have different parameters then others
[SW703-308] - Crash while importing R2Sonic Truepix SSS data
[SW703-319] - SSS split on import do not draw properly because histogram is missing
[SW703-321] - Large (over 1 terabyte of data) project is useless when upgrading from 7.2 to 7.3
[SW703-324] - Bathy swath width reduced after Backscatter processing
[SW703-332] - Resizing contact editor window moves contact marker
[SW703-333] - Aggregate function - MST files causing crash
[SW703-334] - SDS import reader issues
[SW703-337] - Edgetech Xstar Server TSS1 heave input
[SW703-338] - Contact display scaled incorrectly when using non-100% Windows display scaling.
[SW703-340] - R2Sonic Server limits attitude packets to 15 Hz
[SW703-341] - During R2S+XTF import, SonarWiz ignores the XTF navigation and attitude packet selections
[SW703-342] - During R2S+XTF import, SonarWiz is issuing an Sqlite3 UNIQUE constraint error on each ping
[SW703-343] - Contact Import List Class 2 does not sort by clicking on column header
[SW703-345] - Numerous operational issues deserve warnings / fix
[SW703-347] - Moving projects between drives issues a warning
[SW703-351] - Bathymetry slant range computation inverted sign of transducer depth causing errors in EGN, Filter and Perimeter computations
[SW703-353] - Add Legacy shape file import fails if .DBF file isnt populated
[SW703-361] - Classification doesn't work 160+ SS files
[SW703-362] - Projects with more than 2000 contacts (approximate) become unusable

Version 6.05.0025
437 MB - self installing *.exe

SonarWiz 6.05 64-bit with updated bathymetry and 3D apps all in 64-bits now for better performance with larger projects. Uses DirectX 11 graphics acceleration.

Attention EVAL Users:

Please utilize the latest version of SonarWiz 7 which can be found above. Chesapeake Technology can not provide support to EVAL users that choose to use SonarWiz 6, but will provide support within one business day to EVAL users that utilize SonarWiz 7.