Version 7.07.07


586 MB - self installing *.exe

SonarWiz Fundamentals
SonarWiz Sidescan
SonarWiz Sub-bottom
SonarWiz Bathymetry
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User Guide - PDF // User Guide - HTML

Download the PDF above or click the HTML version to quickly search for and locate topics online. Each installation of SonarWiz 7 includes a PDF and HTML version of our user guide as well as our 'Docs' folder which contains dozens of instructional PDFs. For most users this folder will be located on their computer at a file path similar to:

C:\Program Files\Chesapeake Technology, Inc\SonarWiz7\Docs

For additional support please submit a request via our Support Desk

Download Sample Data Sets
Sidescan | Sub-bottom | Bathymetry | Magnetometer

SonarWiz 6

Version 6.05.0025

No longer supported. Please renew EMA and upgrade to current versions of SonarWiz.

SonarWiz 6.05 64-bit with updated bathymetry and 3D apps. Uses DirectX 11 graphics acceleration.