Version 7.04.03


714 MB - self installing *.exe


CTI highly recommends users migrate to SonarWiz 7.04.03 soon, which offers significant new features and performance improvements. To test SW7 with existing SW6 projects, make a new project folder COPY first, then open the COPY with SW7. Project will promote to the new SW7 project format, and will not be backward compatible with SW6.


The following Features have implemented and Bugs have been resolved in the latest version of SonarWiz

Customer Feature Requests

[SW704-224] - Support Kongsberg .kmall format

Customer Bug Reports

[SW704-231] - KM HUGIN AUV XTF 2-ch SS data with 67340 samples per channel
[SW704-239] - NI Analog SBP Server V7.02.004,005, Trigger rate speed is limited to 4 Hz
[SW704-241] - Crosshair location offset
[SW704-253] - SBP Contact Description field causes duplicate apostrophes
[SW704-254] - Newest Lowrance SL2 files don't import into SW
[SW704-256] - Kongsberg PULSAR SS .SMB importer doesn't work in v7.03
[SW704-261] - Adding a transparency prior to Splitting a file results in 'Clear Transparency' no longer functioning
[SW704-264] - SentinelInstaller rejection by Windows10 - driver error 39
[SW704-265] - Bug in Pitch Correction
[SW704-302] - Disabling/Enabling CSF files changes the gain/color in Digitizer View
[SW704-304] - Processing copy function shows no files available to copy or doesn't copy any records between files it finds
[SW704-319] - Lowrance Structure Scan3D Time stamp is offset
[SW704-322] - EM302 All file imported as SSS fails to auto-detect proper position system
[SW704-387] - AGS HSX SSS import failed
[SW704-388] - Split Files if Time Gaps Occur - requires a gap of more than 2 seconds
[SW704-394] - MST files with time jumps display different from 7.3.4 v 7.4.1
[SW704-397] - Create Grid no longer works for CSF Sidescan in 7.4.1
[SW704-399] - If GPS is ON Playback waterfall is not initiating in the waterfall display window
[SW704-400] - Capture contact in digitized view R/T not opening automatically
[SW704-404] - Various offsets to BT can store altitude values larger than # of samples per channel causing crash in AGC
[SW704-405] - .COD files with just CH3/4 do not import into SW
[SW704-431] - Save Project as GeoImage yields GeoTiff with clipped data
[SW704-432] - Bottom tracking JSF files causes nav lines to narrow
[SW704-436] - Klein 5K Server dropping connection after 100 pings
[SW704-446] - Trimmed SSS files should not export the pings that were trimmed in Batch Image Export tool.
[SW704-451] - Exporting individual geotiffs + colour palette set to 'Auto - all data' = Color Inversion
[SW704-456] - KP value at cursor needs to display 4 decimal places
[SW704-464] - SEGY Datum Shifter - allow customizable columns
[SW704-466] - 2D/3D Editor: 2D View - Several Projection Types Reject Points Opposite of the Selection
[SW704-476] - Edgetech 4205 Server - add VHF power control & verify pressure sensor parsing
[SW704-477] - Fix import issue with COD files that only contain HF channels
[SW704-479] - Crashes related to XTF import of corrupted files
[SW704-483] - Customer reports SV are changing when splitting reflectors (back to default) 
[SW704-484] - Update the Default Sediment SV under Advanced Settings to work in 7.4 and apply to reflectors created under seafloor
[SW704-491] - Support playback of XTF files with 4-byte samples
[SW704-496] - SonarWiz Crashes When Using the Bathy Cross Section Tool

Staff Bug Reports

[SW704-207] - Realtime SSS File Recording Broken
[SW704-275] - Fix check box label on Vessel Editor
[SW704-332] - Filenames need to be quoted in Altitude Summary Report (all reports)
[SW704-350] - Swath Editor is not showing SBES data in the Side View
[SW704-407] - Our sample Sonardyne Solstice SWF8 file imports poorly in 7.4 and 7.3
[SW704-445] - SonarWiz Loses Focus When Finishing Export Geotiffs
[SW704-475] - SBP AGC Produces Striping In The Presence of Outlier Samples (Data Spikes)
[SW704-480] - Panning in SSS digitizer disabled
[SW704-481] - Contact symbol and text not visible in target editor
[SW704-482] - Kongsberg ALL packet XYZ88 has incorrect slant range when imported as sidescan
[SW704-494] - Drag and drop Kongsberg ALL files fails to extract approximate project position
[SW704-495] - Intersections in SBP data are showing incorrect feature locations that are shifting up and down with current files BT
[SW704-500] - Blank area around nadir in bathy waterfall
[SW704-501] - SBP perimeter on plan view drawn in non-navigation mode differs from data drawn in far field
[SW704-502] - SBP bottom track doesn't clear on first try.
[SW704-503] - SBP digitizer reloading can crash
[SW704-504] - Overlay-drawing problems in SBP digitizer
[SW704-515] - Extracting navigation from Kongsberg ALL files failed to automatically pick positioning system
[SW704-521] - Build Shapefiles dialog radio buttons not working

Version 6.05.0025
437 MB - self installing *.exe

SonarWiz 6.05 64-bit with updated bathymetry and 3D apps all in 64-bits now for better performance with larger projects. Uses DirectX 11 graphics acceleration.

Attention EVAL Users:

Please utilize the latest version of SonarWiz 7 which can be found above. Chesapeake Technology can not provide support to EVAL users that choose to use SonarWiz 6, but will provide support within one business day to EVAL users that utilize SonarWiz 7.