Version 7.03.0001
702 MB - self installing *.exe

Version 7.03.0001

  • New applied offsets and corrections report
  • Locate missing files and repair broken links
  • New patch test tool for bathy & LiDAR
  • Enhancements to 3D Viewer
  • Improved contact database import and backup
  • Modify course smoothing settings after file import
  • Convert supported bathy files to GSF or HSX format
  • Added support for IHO S-63 V 1.1+ charts
  • Added support for Innomar SES3 format
  • Dongle-Free License option for all data collection

CTI highly recommends users migrate to SonarWiz 7.03.0001 soon, which offers significant new features and performance improvements. To test SW7 with existing SW6 projects, make a new project folder COPY first, then open the COPY with SW7. Project will promote to the new SW7 project format, and will not be backward compatible with SW6.

Version 6.05.0025
437 MB - self installing *.exe
  • Improved Contact presentation in Geo Images
  • Improved NavInjector Pro Template editting
  • For the full release notes select the 'Release Notes' tab above

SonarWiz 6.05 64-bit with updated bathymetry and 3D apps all in 64-bits now for better performance with larger projects. Uses DirectX 11 graphics acceleration.