Version 7.04.0001
714 MB - self installing *.exe

CTI highly recommends users migrate to SonarWiz 7.04.0001 soon, which offers significant new features and performance improvements. To test SW7 with existing SW6 projects, make a new project folder COPY first, then open the COPY with SW7. Project will promote to the new SW7 project format, and will not be backward compatible with SW6.

RELEASE NOTES - SW 7.04 - VERSION 7.04.0001

The following Features have implemented and Bugs have been resolved in the latest version of SonarWiz

Customer Feature Requests
[SW704-37] - Auto-track bottom-tracking improvements request
[SW704-98] - SS gain changes show in open digitzer windows
[SW704-111] - Batch Contact Import Template System Simplified
[SW704-118] - Add Area, Block and Mag Anomaly Fields to Contact Export
[SW704-119] - Batch Contact Import from XY File - Select Individual CSF Files to Import Contacts onto
[SW704-133] - Add more 2D projection types in Grid Editor
[SW704-134] - Automatically load the subset points into 2D and 3D view of Grid Editor
[SW704-152] - Add support for ED50 TM0
[SW704-153] - Add KP values to Info at Cursor
[SW704-162] - Add "Total Water Depth" (depth to seabed) as an option for annotation.
[SW704-163] - Function to select all SSS HF/LF or SBP data in batch bottom track window
[SW704-165] - Display the file name in the top bar of the maximised SBP digitising window
[SW704-167] - Adjust displayed range setting not available in Properties window
[SW704-175] - Applanix True Heave is listed as External Navigation Source, but not implemented
[SW704-190] - Add directory monitor for automatic import and processing
[SW704-191] - Add automatic processing dialog for SSS files
[SW704-192] - Save Individual GeoTiffs For Each File, export top left corner on the integer map coordinates.
[SW704-197] - Support Aggregating SBP Data
[SW704-200] - Use windows locale for date format on all export options
[SW704-206] - Aggregate SBP CSF Files
[SW704-211] - Build SSS Waterfall Images with the oldest data at the bottom - Default = Unchecked
[SW704-217] - Add Speed over ground to SSS/SBP Offset Reports
[SW704-218] - In SBP digitizing view, zoom function moves to top left and not center
[SW704-342] - Add bottom track smoothing to batch bottom track and automatic import dialogs
[SW704-354] - Add a button to switch the camera angle in real time 3D Viewer
[SW704-355] - Add an option to warn users when importing an acoustic file that would overwrite an existing CSF in their project
[SW704-356] - Add warning message when importing a file with the same name
[SW704-357] - Add warning when directly opening an .mml from v6 to v7
[SW704-358] - Support Kraken TIL format
[SW704-363] - NI AnalogSB server cannot set trigger interval manually
[SW704-364] - Eye-Catching Ship Speed Display for SonarWiz and HelmDisplay(SEA Requests)
[SW704-366] - New server for Jetasonic side scan

Staff Feature Requests
[SW704-8] - Use grids in map correction tool
[SW704-24] - SSS Roll and Pitch in Properties and Make Others Like This
[SW704-25] - Need ability to zoom time window in Navigation and Attitude Editor
[SW704-44] - Implement Kraken TIL File Import
[SW704-53] - Add support for QPS db format sidescan files
[SW704-79] - Introduce new Edge Detection SSS and SBP bottom tracking algorithm
[SW704-114] - Automated feature picking in sidescan waterfalls - "Artifact Detector"
[SW704-116] - Automatic bottom-tracker - "Edge Detection"
[SW704-128] - Last offset applied in BT window auto-populates Batch Bottom Track window
[SW704-132] - Implement a new automatic artifact detection tool in sidescan digitizer that can automatically generate a set of contacts or point features that matches a user size and sensitivity specification.
[SW704-138] - CSF 3.0 Introduces compression into CSF format
[SW704-182] - 3D PDF Report creates point cloud of X,Y,Amplitude instead of X,Y,Z when target image was selected from bathy backscatter
[SW704-184] - Port existing functionality from existing .NET 3DViewer into C++ 3DViewer window inside SW7
[SW704-187] - Dynamic LOD/downsampling for point clouds in C++ 3D viewer
[SW704-188] - For both SSS and SBP: add UI toggles to switch tracking algorithm in the Batch Bottom-Tracker
[SW704-313] - Add Project Option To Use CSF2 Files
[SW704-360] - Add Offset Time Utility Function and UI
[SW704-362] - Update C++ PTC so that it can be used with Lidar data

Customer Bug Reports
[SW704-193] - When JSF (and probably other formats) contain a time gap in the positioning, SonarWiz happily interpolates across is.
[SW704-204] - Large XTF's ( 6 Gbytes) don't fully import into SonarWiz
[SW704-214] - EM302 SSS not Bottom Tracking
[SW704-237] - JSF ADC gain factor incorrectly applied
[SW704-243] - Look into the Cancel button when using Save Individual Geoimages...
[SW704-326] - Make Others Like This isn't applying Layback ON when only copying Sheave
[SW704-329] - 7.3.3 to 7.3.4 broke the .ALL reader
[SW704-336] - Fatal error - crash when selecting all mag files in mag manager (5 project promoted to 7)
[SW704-337] - Functions in ZEDIT saving but not prompting redraw in 7.03
[SW704-352] - HSX SSS NIP Issue

Staff Bug Reports
[SW704-52] - SBP Signal Trace doesn't zoom / scroll with SBP profile
[SW704-136] - Crashes if you move the mouse wheel while sidescan plan view drawing is active.
[SW704-194] - Bathy waterfall digitizer is broken in 7.4
[SW704-209] - R2Sonic server drops the TruePix socket intermittently
[SW704-210] - CSMAP Library needs updating to support user-defined geodesy functions
[SW704-213] - Capture Contact on main display does not move digitizing window to position of the selected target
[SW704-215] - Changing the Name of a Feature does not change it's name in the Project Explorer
[SW704-219] - In SBP digitizer window, when using the manual Bottom- or Reflector tracker, UI buttoms such as "InsertPoints" and "Delete Points" get stuck on.
[SW704-222] - SBP lines aren't displaying correctly in 7.4
[SW704-223] - Draft mode for SBP lines is broken
[SW704-225] - Batch bottom track is broken when using Edge Detection Algorithm
[SW704-229] - Save Project As GeoImage (Crop to Polygon) Not working
[SW704-299] - Bathymetry position time stamps truncated, leads to low resolution bathymetry
[SW704-308] - After conversion from SW6 to SW7, last few pings in SBP file are "unavailable"
[SW704-311] - 3D Viewer beam display isn't working
[SW704-316] - Remove Auto-button from Acoustic Reflector page of SBP digitizer
[SW704-317] - Remove the automatic button from the bottom tracking page of the SBP
[SW704-318] - Relabel Auto Detect... button to Boulder Detect (beta)...
[SW704-332] - Filenames need to be quoted in Altitude Summary Report (all reports)
[SW704-333] - Sonar server dialog can crash, doesn't show local bathy server name
[SW704-334] - SBP playback waterfall not drawing bottom trace in correct location
[SW704-335] - Unable to use CSF to XTF tool on CSF's you added to project
[SW704-341] - Icon for SonarWiz changed in 7.04.01Y build
[SW704-345] - Issues with color histogram in 7.04.01Y
[SW704-346] - Files are disappearing at different zoom levels in 7.04.01Y
[SW704-347] - SBP Bottom Track buttons went back to white background "old" look in 7.4.1Y
[SW704-348] - Multiple functions are minimizing SW after completion
[SW704-370] - Debug build of SonarWiz crashes on freeing memory when opening Sub-Bottom view
[SW704-371] - Multiple bathy files loaded in 3D viewer colored wrong, progress bar not working as intended
[SW704-374] - Crash when docking 3D viewer in "tab mode" with cross section report
[SW704-381] - Prevent Auto Proccessing On Import From Acting On SBP Data (for now)
[SW704-382] - Kongsberg ALL files not working with drag and drop when new file position is far from existing project coordinate system
[SW704-383] - Project Setup Dialog | Get From File | Open dialog File Filter Drop Down List is mangled
[SW704-384] - Export to SegY will export more than selected

Version 6.05.0025
437 MB - self installing *.exe

SonarWiz 6.05 64-bit with updated bathymetry and 3D apps all in 64-bits now for better performance with larger projects. Uses DirectX 11 graphics acceleration.

Attention EVAL Users:

Please utilize the latest version of SonarWiz 7 which can be found above. Chesapeake Technology can not provide support to EVAL users that choose to use SonarWiz 6, but will provide support within one business day to EVAL users that utilize SonarWiz 7.