New Partnership with Absolute Ocean: Moving Data into Cloud Platforms

Chesapeake Times, Vol 13 | April 2023

As one of the support technicians here at CTI I get the unique opportunity to engage with processors daily with training and support questions. Even in my short time in this industry it has been remarkable to see the ballooning of project sizes, where a few years ago a “large” sidescan project was north of 50GB we are now having customers reach out to us for recommendations on managing terabytes of data.

We have begun work on adjusting the structure of the SonarWiz project on our end to better suite this new world of increasingly larger projects but there are also many new platforms being developed to meet the need of cloud-based storage and analyzing data between processors. With that in mind, we are very excited to announce a partnership between SonarWiz and TerraDepth’s new Absolute Ocean platform with a goal of making a seamless and straightforward approach from collection to processing.

Our first goal was to identify the workflow that our customers would use to utilize AO’s platform with a SonarWiz project. Our staff sat down with the developers at TerraDepth to work through each of the datatypes and products in a SonarWiz project and how they currently could be visualized once they had been uploaded into the cloud. As it currently sits there isn’t many items in a SonarWiz project that cannot be visualized once run through its appropriate export tool.

After running my processed sidescan project from our latest webinar through the geoimage export function in SonarWiz, I can quickly store and visualize my project in AO.

This also includes any created contacts, multibeam point clouds, grids, etc. Although its great that because of SonarWiz’s extensive export functions a user utilizing one of these cloud platforms can visualize their projects out of the box, our developers here want to continue to do work to meet the needs and create options to make the workflow more seamless.

As our users began to shop out workflow solutions utilizing Absolute Ocean and other platforms like it, we would love to hear feedback on what would make it better from the SonarWiz end. We pride ourselves here at CTI at adapting SonarWiz to meet the needs of the future of marine surveying and that will not stop as the industry heads into the cloud!