• Many new features in 7.7.5, released April 30:
  • New semi-automatic bottom tracker for SBP
  • Far field sidescan data tracking and removal
  • Export bathymetry data along survey lines
  • Sheave offsets applied independent of  layback
  • Improved usability of user gain settings (UGC) 
  • Electronic licenses now run on Microsoft Azure 
  • New support Kongsberg EA440 & 640 RAW files

Chesapeake and GeoAcoustics partnered to develop new servers to control and collect sub-bottom data with the GeoPulse Compact and Pulsar. SonarWiz Field will be bundled with all new sales of these  Read More


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Streamline Survey Process

SonarWiz streamlines the survey process and simplifies the number of software programs you need to learn. It operates with almost all sonar manufacturers, so you won’t need to re-familiarize yourself with different software each time you need to use different equipment. SonarWiz interfaces with all brands of commercially available sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profilers, magnetometers, echosounders and bathymetic interferometers.

  • Analog Sonars
  • Applanix
  • C-Max
  • EdgeTech
  • Falmouth Scientific
  • GeoAcoustics
  • Humminbird
  • Imagenex
  • Innomar
  • Jetasonic
  • Kongsberg
  • Kongsberg Hugin
  • Kongsberg Mesotech
  • Klein Marine Systems
  • Knudsen
  • Kraken
  • Marine Sonic Atlas NA
  • PingDSP
  • Proteus Technologies
  • QPS
  • R2Sonic
  • Single Beam NMEA
  • SBG Systems
  • SyQwest
  • Teledyne Benthos
  • Teledyne Gavia
  • Teledyne Odom
  • Teledyne Reson
  • TriTech
  • Velodyne LiDAR
  • WASSP Multibeam
  • SonarWiz has been key in our post-processing workflow and will continue to be an integral part of how we supply quality products to both our commercial and government clients.Nate Novak, Geospatial Technologies Manager, Orca Maritime
  • We love SW, couldn’t do without it!Mark Borrelli, Ph.D., Director, Seafloor Mapping Program Center for Coastal Studies, Provincetown, MA
  • Previously I’ve processed magnetometer data in Hypack and I must say I like what you’ve done. The anomaly picks are quick to make and the contour plotting really helps to visualize the data. The process was quick and efficient, perfect for running after each day of survey. I think this will really benefit the SCIF team.Doug Bowlus, Santa Cruz Island Foundation
  • Your customer support has been exceptional… your staff has played a significant role in efforts to complete these projects. We appreciate all of your assistance and look forward to your continued tradition of excellent post-processing productsNate Novak, Geospatial Technologies Manager, Orca Maritime
  • SonarWiz 7 provides a fantastic teaching tool that is robust, intuitive and provides a one-stop shop from acquisition to mosaic; enabling students to experience a full-cycle survey project in their first 6 months of studyDr. Tim Scott, Lecturer in Ocean Exploration, Plymouth University UK
  • First thanks for all the help and advice in the past. It’s very refreshing to have a company who has great tech support.Chris McHugh, FIG/IHO Cat A, Project Manager, TerraSond

Energy Exploration Firms
Environmental Authorities
Educational Institutions
Dredging Operators
Telecommunications Firms
Police Departments
Maritime History Org’s





Archaeological surveys
Cable & pipeline surveys
Buried object location
Geohazard surveys
Search and Recovery
Marine Construction
Coastal Restoration
Environmental research


View and analyze Sidescan data in real time with the industry’s most complete seafloor mapping solution. Enjoy SonarWiz’s easy-to-use survey management tools, reliable data acquisition, powerful post-processing, and flexible reporting options.


Explore sediment layers in-depth with SonarWiz for Sub-Bottom Profilers with real-time data acquisition and post-processing modules. It also includes navigation, fathometer and magnetometer inputs so you get a broad perspective of a survey area.


Collecting and processing bathymetry data is a breeze with the SonarWiz workflow and toolset. Produce near seamless amplitude mosaics right off the boat using helm display, plan view, coverage map and directional indicators, as well as automatic, whole survey gain optimization.


Easy to use interface for data logging and processing. Data input from single beam sensor, motion sensor and navigation device through serial and network connections. Many tools to process in XYZ to generate and export sounding, grid surface and contours for final products.

Single Beam

Help dive teams and recovery personnel locate underwater artifacts, treasures and pipelines you seek to find, map, or recover with SonarWiz. Mag data for ferrous-object detection, co-recorded with sidescan or sub-bottom data, provides a valuable new layer of information.


Chesapeake Technology has been offering sonar mapping software and thought-leading consulting services to the marine geophysical and geological survey industry for over 20 years. The latest version of our primary software offering, SonarWiz, provides leading-edge sonar data acquisition and processing software for sidescan, sub-bottom, swath bathymetry, and magnetometer systems. It is being used by hundreds of clients worldwide, including most of the world’s navies, NOAA, USGS, Fugro, Oceaneering, and leading academic institutions.  Learn more…

Thanks for all of your, and others at CTI, for the tremendous support.  I was very impressed with version 7.7.2 and am finally getting somewhat of a handle on all of the many options with the newest version of SonarWiz. 

-Dick Sylwester, Northwest Geophysical Services